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Evolution, why no fat in penis?



The tribesmen with cones have not been around long enough to affect our genetic makeup. Also, I am pretty sure they hunt in groups, using tactics etc that outdo most caveman attempts at hunting - simply because they’ve had a couple of thousand years extra to refine the technique.


There is a possible answer to the body hair question. Seems our ancestors back in east Africa spent quite some time fishing and searching shallow waters for clams etc. When you are in water, body fat is more important than body hair - and lo and behold, our cousins don’t have as much body fat. I’m not sure of the philippine “crab makaks” though, they apparently spend some time every now and then in the marshes hunting for crabs. I’ve no idea on their ration body hair/body fat.

Peacock feathers are a liability when getting away from predators, but an even greater bonus when trying to get a mate. Probably they have found the equilibrium there between size (bad) and splendor (good).

As for the size of our units, well maybe these are our peacock (sic!) feathers.

regards, mgus

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Originally Posted by nostem
Why aren’t we all 7 ft tall ripped with bear like muscle, and cat like agility? Why can’t we see in the dark, have ultra sensitive hearing, more sense receptors in our noses, and have 12x8 dicks? Wouldn’t take make us better suited for survival? :/

Why that is me to a “T”!!

Well except for the 7 ft tall ripped with bear like muscle, more sense receptors in my noses, and having a 12x8 dick parts. OK, and my hearing is only 1.25Xs human baseline and my night sight is about 2Xs human base line. But I do have cat like reflexes darn it!

Thankfully I also don’t have cave man body hair, Peacock feathers, or weird fat deposits in my unit.

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