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Everything was fine till I got sick!

Everything was fine till I got sick!

Hey Yall,

It’s been a while since I have made any useless comments or half-assed attempts at constructive conversation here at Thunders; I got quiet sick about 5 days ago- Fever, headaches etc.. I am pretty much totally over it now, but while I was sick, I didn’t have ANY desire WHATSOEVER to do PE, or come onto Thunders :(

I don’t get sick very often at all, and when I do, I get over it pretty quick! But I feel that this forced break from PE has uncovered, in my mind a few reservations I have about doing PE now.

Firstly, I am not as motivated as I thought I was to get a bigger dick! I know that sounds crazy, but it is true. I realised whilst being too sick to PE that I don’t care as much as I thought I did about size, and I am starting to think- currently being single, that dick size would just be a personal indulgence which right now, is a little more of a hassle (doing PE) than a joy- which it should be.

I also have ALLOT of shit I have to get together in my life! I still pretty much need to find a purpose for myself, a goal, something to strive too. For too long I have been a casual employee and for too long I have dodged responsibility. I need a path set out for me- something to pursue, and yes, something with a little more substance too it than PE.

Also, I am not totally happy with my body image. I am not overweight or close to it by any stretch of the imagination, but I am always obsessing over it and what I can do in the gym to “perfect” it.

Basically the notion that I am “tip-toeing” around is this; I have too many other things on my mind to go back to PEing the way I was before. I say “before” like it was months ago; however, this time last week I was as enthusiastic as the next guy! I was on Thunders ALLOT looking up new stuff, and just reading everything! Now, it feels like I can’t be bothered even finding the time for the Hot towel warm ups, and the stretches.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love all this PE shit, and what it can do for you (I’m only relatively new, and my flaccid has totally transformed), but being sick does weird things to you; It gives you time to think about what is really important, and the position I am in, unfortunately PE is DOWN the list at NUMBER 100!

I may as well ask a couple of things if I still have anyone’s attention:
1) Has anybody else found themselves doubting their commitments to PE whilst sickness has consumed?

2) Is everyone (or the majority) of people who can do PE and stick to it for over 3 months generally pretty happy with all the other facets of their lives?

3) When would one suggest mentally the best time to PE? When everything else is going along fine? When confidence is low? What is the best frame of mind to be in, what frame of mind generally leads to longevity in this game?

That’s basically all I have to say for now. I am still going to PE for sure, as I have said I love doing this shit, but I know that I have fucked it all up. Even though the break I have has been forced through sickness, even though I am over that sickness now, and even though the break was for ONLY under a week, I will not be PEing for possibly months till I sort out some of this other shit.

But who knows? If I turtle tomorrow that might be motivation for me to jump back on, we will have to see!

Peace all!


I think your fever fried your brain. :D

But you are right about setting goals in your life. You should write them down and then prioritize them and then set out to accomplish them.

For me, PE is part of an overall physical improvement program that also includes pumping iron, jogging, diet and weight loss. It’s four items right there, but I pursue them as one.

I also have goals for financial freedom and general order in my life and who knows, maybe even start dating again.

Once you find order in your life, you can accomplish many goals simultaneously as long as any one particular goal doesn’t get out of hand to the detriment of the others. So just keep things in balance.

Chill…..It’s a hobby.

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My PE sessions usually go for an hour, and I can RARELY do them without some kind of underlying guilt that if I SHOULD be doing something far more constructive with my time!

I am now realising which was a fear of mine when I started PE- that it wouldn’t take long for me to wander off path. It is very, very hard to do PE when you know there is other stuff you must be doing!

I look at the bright side though, that is that I have only been PEing for a short amount of time. Also I do enjoy doing it, but the fact of the matter is that right now I have many other factors of my life that need addressing, and gprent it is correct- a balance must be found.

I know I will be back at it when the ball is rolling with everything else. PE has SOOO much to do with your mental state, and persistence in PE and general over-all happiness goes hand in hand.


It’s a hobby if you can afford it to be.

PE is very time consuming, and if you have other things in your life which you must dedicate your time to first, then PE can be a bit of a hindrance.


>My PE sessions usually go for an hour, and I can RARELY do them without some kind of underlying guilt that if I SHOULD be doing something far more constructive with my time!

You could multitask. Hang while doing something productive. Computer work, reading, studying, whatever.

Originally Posted by hobby
>My PE sessions usually go for an hour, and I can RARELY do them without some kind of underlying guilt that if I SHOULD be doing something far more constructive with my time!

You could multitask. Hang while doing something productive. Computer work, reading, studying, whatever.

I don’t hang, and the routine I have doesn’t really let me do too many other things- I stretch manualy and I wet jelq.


You could switch to hanging. What’s the difference between sitting doing whatever and sitting doing whatever with some weight hanging from your dick? Interruptions every 15-20 minutes, but they aren’t that much hassle.

In harmony with what has been said, maybe changing the type of PE you do might renew your zeal for PE in general.



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Cut your PE down a little and maybe only 5 days and try to give each little thing it’s own little slice of your time. Time is the biggest reason I stopped hanging well that and a bad case of bruising but time is why I don’t start again. It’s funny I have started threads like this before I have went through times when I really thought PE was a waste of time. But the one thing that keeps me going is having a big dick is really great and have a big dick attitude is even better. So while I’m not as nutty or driven as I once was I really do enjoy hearing “OH MY GOD” instead of is it in yet:) . So now I try to balance my life as best as I can between work, PE, chicks and working out and of course family and friends. Sometimes I do a good job but it’s a constant effort and adjustment trying to get the balance right.

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I have many issues too, I am going through a divorce, have tax issues and money issues,and other shit as well.
All of my issues have made it difficult to even get it up, combined with the fact that the bitch is making things
extremely difficult, mainly because of her stupidity (she refuses to sign tax papers) and other shit.
I can appreciate your lack of motivation due to a change of focus, but eventually it will come to an end, just as I know my problems will end in mid Jan. I still try to do some PE as I can get motivated, but this other stuff is disrupting my focus.

There are priorities that need to be considered in life. I’ve often wondered if some of the single guys here are really considering the big picture. Unless your very small, IMO, PE shouldn’t be something to worry about until after your married and then only after you have established a healthy relationship with your wife. PE can always be added as kind of a topping on the cake. If it takes on any more importance then that then there probably are issues that need attention instead of PE. PE should be a bonus not requisite

I know there are guys that need to hear the “WOW your big” thing but believe me that is not the kind of thing that good marital relationships are made of. If that is what you think then you’re off track.

d_sut, my guess is that once your testosterone levels return to normal you’ll be back. I have to agree with gprent though take a moment and write down your goals and see where PE really comes into play. It is time consuming even if you can multi-task. There are important things in life and they should attacked in proper order.

There is a whole lot more to life then a big dick.

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Originally Posted by Monty530

PE shouldn’t be something to worry about until after your married and then only after you have established a healthy relationship with your wife.

It would appear to me that most members in this forum view marriage primarily from the perspective of sex. But definitely marriage is much more than sex. It is about cementing and maintaining a relationship and taking up responsibilities. Isn’t it? Maybe I am a very conservative person.

Ah this has been on my mind all day! I love this shit too much to just throw in the towel!

Seeing as my motivation for this PE is a bigger cock for myself, I must continue. Whilst hearing comments from girls about how big my dick could be, would be great, I am the one who wants to see a big dick in the mirror, and I am the one who wants to hold it and jerk it off and I am the one who wants to use it to slay dragons and shit with…. ahh alright but you get the point!

Hobby: I am a newbie4life! Thou shall not hang!
Codfish: I was thinking the same thing, just the thought “uped” the zeal!
Dino: Question: How does one work, gym, socialise and PE? That’s a toughie!
Monty: Very wise words. PE should be the icing on the cake!

I want to cut down stretching time. I feel this is quiet relevant in my quest to keep this permanent and not just a phase- which I dread. I have the attention span of a bolt of lightning!

I currently stretch for about 30 minutes, with a good 25 minutes being stretching, 5 minutes re-adjusting and circulating blood.

I stretch outwards, then downwards, then upwards, to the left, to the right.

I would rather stretch for longer, at more relevant angles. Can somebody who knows for sure tell me weather the LOT theory holds any credence. Once and for all. I have seen some members say to disregard LOT, and others say embrace it. Whatever the answer, I would like to cut stretching time down from 30 minutes to at least 20. In short, I am looking for a more effective way of stretching.

Thanks for every body’s help!



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