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Everyone, get your thinking caps on...

Everyone, get your thinking caps on...

Leatherface posted a link to in the supplement forum. I checked it out, and while I’m not much into buying dick pills, their stay erect bands have me totally intrigued…

The bands work similarly to cock rings, you put them on your shaft only as far down as possible, when flaccid or erect, they compress outflow and produce a super erection, with the added bonus of delaying ejaculation. THAT caught my attention… the bands are supposed to be thin enough to not interfere with the sexual process, and easily removable after ejaculation.

It immediately jumped to my mind that what they are doing is ballooning the penis, ala “Dr.” Lynn… He states on his site that if one can reverse kegel while massaging their shaft below their testicles, they can achieve a super erection that is fully inflated, and as long as they avoid stimulating the shaft and glans nerves in the process, the nerves are compressed by the super expansion and ejaculation is delayed or better controlled. I’ve tried this with no avail… I just can’t concentrate enought on the task at hand apparently. I have been able to do it in the past, before I knew what the hell it was, but during that time I was doing a TON of reverse kegels trying to blast my dick longer, and had great ability which I’ve seem to have lost to be able to concentrate the rk pressure into forcing more blood into my penis.

They are smart fuckers, they don’t show any pics of them that I could find on their site. Given that awhile back we were able to duplicate the Bonaconstrictor adjustable cock ring that was being hawked for $60 per for as little as $2, I feel confident we can figure out what common household item they are using and selling for $12.

I’m thinking small thick wide rubber band, like those used in the produce aisles at the local grocer. May have to try that out. Any other thoughts?

This could be huge… I’m pumped :)

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My thinking cap has been worn out today, I need a vacation…

Just get some thera bandand some tape, that should do the trick! Works for me at least. But I guess it is no good for having sex eh? Use your fake bona constrictor, all you need really is something that wraps around the shaft and that you can change the tightness of as the pressure builds up or lowers. I think this would work better than an elastic band or similar, because they are not adjustable.

I have a headache, i’m off to bed….


I think the band would be more effective at cutting off blood outflow, like the bib uli thing works much better than a ring.

Hmmm… What about cutting a strip of theraband and rubber cementing it together to for a band? That might be worth a try… Gonna have to guess on the diameter though, I’m thinking maybe 1/2-3/4” less than erect girth would do the trick?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.


I just spoke to a buddy of mine, actually, my boss, about those bands and he says he’s tried them.

You were right, they ARE very similar to the rubber bands you find around broccoli and such. However, he said that he called the place about the similarities and they assured him that their bands were “pressure sensitive” and definitely NOT standard rubber bands. My boss also said that the bands do work, but have to be applied on an erect penis and their claims of putting it on a flaccid penis are very difficult to do. He also said that they can pull the hell out of your pubic hair when you take them off.

All in all, he said they were OK, but I never mentioned their potential use for PE, only sex. I didn’t feel like telling my boss about my PE endeavors :)

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The best “cock-ring”, in my experience, has to be a womans pony tail holder. The fat kind without the metal strip.

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RB, ou need not cement the thera to make a band. All you do is cut out a circle and then cut another circle out of the center of the first circle. Got a strange, but functional rubberband. Could even leave tabs on the outer ede of the first circle for ease of use. Remember to cut circles of soft line with latex…cut a “V” shape and the latex will follow the “V” and tear. This stuff is nice to have around for odd tasks. groa

Leatherface, did he way they helped delay ejaculation as promised?

Groa, thanks for the tip… :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

I guess the product works, since it’s been around for a while and BBB gives the company a satisfactory rating, meaning there weren’t many unsatisfied customers. Let us know if you order and give it a try.

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Yeah, he said it kept him hard for awhile, and that it did make him go longer. He even said that after he came he was able to stay hard for another 5 minutes or so before he started getting softer.

One thing he did make a point of saying with me is that there is no way that the bands are as inconspicuous as the company makes them out to be. He was under the impression that he could slip it on his flaccid penis before any sexual activity, then get a huge hard on that would last for awhile without the girl knowing you were wearing a band. Instead, he claimed that it’s similar to putting on a condom. You have to stop what your doing and apply it to an erect penis right before sex, which, I imagine would be difficult to conceal from a lady :)

I would say the bands would be awesome for married couples or boyfriend/girlfriends etc. He said the bands make your erection huge!

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Well, that’s the next step. They have to find a band that is not only flexible yet puts firm pressure, but also adapts to the shape and color of a penis. A chameleon band. I’ll have to patent that idea and sell it to them. Then I’ll be rich and will employ young girls to do jelqing and stretching sessions for me while I relax. :)

"The Lord giveth, the government taketh away."

I think when a girl does it for you it’s no longer called jelqing ;)

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

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