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Every day or every other

Every day or every other

I tried in the search area but it led me down a dead end. So is it better to excersize every day or every OTHER day. I see lots doing it every day but some sites I look at say every other day is better. Please, any input would be great.

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You could write a book on this and related topics.Perhaps try the progress report section for some ideas . In very general terms being a little sore is good, pain is bad. Most jelqing/squeezing is 3 on 2 off or 4 on 1 off . Can you go by how you feel; sure if you have the experience. Hanging is as much as possible for as many days till you need a break. Alot depends on your routine and time commitment.

As far as everyday versus every other day..hmmm not really an issue . IMO you should do alot more reading and then develop a program through trial and error that works for you. Then tweak it as you go.

Things to consider:

What are your goals ? Length ? Girth? Both length and girth?What’s your priority? What excerises are you proposing to reach your goals? What’s your non PE schedule look like? How much time have you spent to date performing PE? Results to date? Time of day proposed for PE?

These are just a few of the question to be considered when a person is evaluating ” everyday or every OTHER day”.

I realize you are searching for some basics here and I hope this helps. If you have any more thoughts feel free to ask.

I have long thought about this myself. In weightlifting/BODYbuilding, the first thing they stress is the danger of OVERTRAINING, and say if you want to gain size, NEVER train every day. At the most every other day. And sometimes less. If you want to see serious growth. I’ve read many interviews with big muscled bodybuilders who say when they started they made the mistake of training too much - every day. So my question is why would it be any different with PENISbuilding? I’ve tried it both ways, but not long enough to tell. Plus you get to plateau’s, etc. where you stop gaining regardless of your routine. Has anyone done an experiement/study set up to test this? My “gut instinct” tells me every other day is better, giving the penis time to recover from the “stress” of working it. So that is what I’m doing now. Anyone who has tried it both ways and can shed some light on the subject?

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I also forgot , please checkout Modemmers post on ” Experiment II”. The basis of this study is to determine the results using routines performed on a everyday vs. every other day basis. This should be an exciting study.

While the routines are different the results should be highly imformative.

Once again…thank you for the helpful advice. I am just very eager to make gains but at the same time I do not want to overdo it.

It's still not big enough!


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When I first started pe I felt the same way you did you know you come to sites like this and see guys that pe every day and 6 days a week. (I do it 3 on 1 off) When I saw that I thought what the hell are these guys doing don’t they know when you rest is when your growing! So I started jelqing 1 on 1 off and did it for 2 Months back then I didn’t know about bp measure so i only measured nbp and after all my hard work for that 2 months I saw no gains nbp! So thats when I decided to go with the 3 on 1 off and every since then I have been making gains both bp and nbp.

So i think you should do both for 2-3 months and which ever one you gain the best with STICK WITH!



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