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Eventually, our monopoly will end

Originally Posted by xlmagnum
People won’t want to put in the time and effort to get a bigger dick. Just look at the average obese rate in the world, especially America. The average person is lazy and wants things fast….like fast food.

I couldnt agree more. It takes dedication to be successful at anything, business, weight loss, marriage, and PE. I really dont care if they scream it from the rooftops very few will do it enough to be successful.

Look at weight loss, there are 100 kinds of diets and we are the fatest country on earth. No worries here.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

It is the same reason weight loss surgery is such a lucrative business. They know their target clients will pay anything because they are too lazy to put some elbow grease into achieving their goals.

I personally know two women who have had their stomachs cut down to practically nothing from surgery. Now they can only eat a few grapes and some orange juice and their full. My aunt had this done, she lost over 100 pounds in less than a year. We thought she was going to die from starvation. The weight fell off here, I wouldn’t of believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. This is a women who was fat her entire life. She was one of those people I thought was incapable of being thin. Once she stopped over eating she got thin.

Amazing is it, they don’t do people any justice telling them they are fat because of genetics. That they can’t help being fat. I did believe this about my aunt. I thought she was fat because she couldn’t help it. Sure enough after she got thin, she then explained she would over eat when she was sad.

Unfortunately, the monopoly won’t end—the big guys will PE and get monster-sized.

I was formulating the same answer as xlmagnum when I got to it. If it was easy everybody would be slim, muscular, educated, have low cholesterol and a strong heart,have a great job, house etc. I don’t think there’s much danger of our “gotta have it now” culture ever devoting the discipline and effort to something like PE.

I tend to disagree with the notion that men wouldn’t be committed enough to enlarging their cocks. Comparing PE to physical fitness and other forms of self improvement is just not correct. I also think we are giving ourselves too much credit in the dedication department.

Going to the gym, that can be a bitch, and can take up 2 hours of your time providing you have to travel to the gym. Eating right? Screw it, it is inconvenient. Spending an hour a day enlarging your dick while sitting in a chair and looking at pornography? (productive masturbation) Wearing an ADS extender system that is now available at your local Wal-mart for several hours a day? Very do-able in my opinion.

It’ll never happen. We live in a society…Hell, in a worl where people want a “quick fix”. Humanity as a whole does not have the dedication for something like PE.

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

I don’t know. We all got here because we wanted A bigger dick,Right.

So if anyone with a small one knew he could get bigger in 6 to 8mo. ,

Wouldn’t he. What I mean is [Why Are You Here.]


PE is not for everyone so everyone won’t do it.

There are millions of karate schools but not everyone is a black belt. I can’t believe how easy it is to find ‘secret’ pressure point info or joint locking moves available free online or in books.

PE is a physical activity that takes some level of dedication. As long as surgery is an option or people continue to believe what they got is what God intended them to have, PE will not go mainstream.


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Go read the many threads of PEers on this site who are considering surgery, then come back and talk to me about how everyone who knows will do it.

It’s not really about if other guys would PE if they knew about PE. It’s about PE going mainstream, for something to go mainstream it has to be something you can sell. If your not selling it, what then are you doing? Promoting PE for the sake of it being mainstream?

PE is where it is because this is the best market for it. And also note we are all on a free site. And most of us didn’t pay for the information. We looked around until we found it for free.

I guess when Doctors give out PE related exercises for their patients. Then it might be considered mainstream? And they do more or less with those pumps don’t they?

Originally Posted by deadeye3200

I guess when Doctors give out PE related exercises for their patients. Then it might be considered mainstream?

Surgeons performing Penis Enlargement procedures often recommend hanging to “cement” gains.

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Now the only 2 reasons we all PE are: 1)for self esteem;2)for that special girl,that may have came out or not…

No problem with the fact that pe will be public some day…I see no competition…It’s just like in that joke when a very small endowed (1”BPEL)man goes to a prostitute,he undresses himself,and the whore start’s laughing at him,and asks ‘Now who are you gonna please with that?’…and after dropping the money on the bed,he just answers ‘Me’….

If everybody believed in PE and did it, it wont be good for us (Original PEr’s).
We do it for all the reasons mentioned and because ( We want to be Special ).
The average size will go up and 80% of people will be born SMALL!!

Now PE is ancient. Arabs used to jelq and Africans used to hang.

It should have been mainstream long ago, but off course:
1- Its a taboo subject (at least it used to be )
2- It doesn’t work for everyone.

We PE so we can be competitive. So if everybody started doing it the competition will simply get harder.

For me, that doesn’t mean that I hate it when a new member joins lol. Its different.
I feel like its are thing, and the more that guys join the better foundation we have or the more belief you have in PE. Thats as long as not everyone joins :)

Just tell your close friends lol.


PE going public could be the worst thing that could happen. I happen to believe most the people here are the people who deserve PE. The noble-man who is open and accepting, non-critical of others, and will not corrupt with power. As far as people not bothering with it, I reckon allot more people would do that then exercise. I mean there is a lot of pressure on penis size, people make jokes about size, male and female, and you see it allot in TV programmes and adverts although its subliminal.

Here are some reasons why PE should not be popularised:

1) PE in the wrong hands could be bad. For instance, Obnoxious jerks who go round people saying they have big cocks, when infact they have weiners. I knew a guy like this once , said he had a huge cock, apprently he had a weiner, i mean way below average. This type of guy would gain half an inch say, measure from his ass crack and go round claiming 9-10 inches or whatever. These jerks would then take the piss out of others becuase they claim they are bigger then so and so .etc (doesn’t matter if it’s true, since girls love bastards they’ll hang on their words)

2) We would get more size queens, and culturally all women would be taught to beleive that bigger is better and turn into super-bitches. When they do finally get in the sack and it comes to sex maybe they’ll shut up about being able to handle 12” girth and length though.

3) We will no longer be special :( , i mean its great to hear your girl say your big and hear say going around, but if everyone did it, we’d no longer get that. You may have to even PE just to keep up with everyone else, because you’d get some guy who gives up their job or bunks school just to PE 24/7 and then goes hunting all our women.

4) Girls now have another reason to go for older guys because they would have done PE longer…

There ar many others but I’d be here all day..


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