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Evaluating Girth King's Routine - Results


After re-reading your post, I see the following differences:
- massaging/squeezing the dick during clamping to create more pressure
- 3x15 minutes
- ejaculations max. once a week
- enlarged flaccid even hours after workout (mine would fade away within minutes)
- supplements, L-arginine

Maybe it is some of these points which creates the difference in results. Thanks for your input, anyway.

No dick is as hard as life.


Let it come on naturally.

No dick is as hard as life.

I have been using a variation of his routine.

First I do 200 wet jelqs. Then I do 3-4 sets of 10-15 minutes each. I train about 6 days a week but unfortunately I don’t have a heat lamp.

For added pressure, I use four clamps, two at the base and the other two alternating each set between mid-shaft and upper-mid shaft. Discoloration is starting to get pretty obvious (my SO is asking questions). Expansion while training is usually only 1/4” - 1/3” around the mid, but I get past 6 at the base (fluid).

I clamp so hard that its not unusual for me to get a donut around the frenum. I haven’t noticed much gain in girth, although I am growing longer - figure that.

7.75 BPEL, 5 in. Mid-shaft, 5.5 in. Base


8.25 BPSFL


I will give it another try. With increased time during sets, an additional set and trying to increase intensity during sets. In numbers, 4x15 min instead of 3x10 min. I am on my third day and all I can say is, the pumping effect does last longer than before. Unfortunately, I could not get more than 0.5” expansion after 4x15 min. But I will keep trying.

I want to do a minimum of two weeks. If I see gains in the second week, I will continue for the third week.

No dick is as hard as life.

Originally Posted by MoPipe
For added pressure, I use four clamps



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