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Esquire magazine Jelq bashing: Jelqing doesn't work?

haha… can you imagine how horrible it would be if they actually said it worked though? Imagine in a popular magazine, then it’s 60 minutes, dateline… lol… they HAVE to say it doesn’t work :)

This doctor is 100% correct your all have been under the mind control of Twatteaser. He could make you all think you had tails if he wanted too “insert evil laugh here”

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Originally Posted by fastqwerty
My wife is graduating from med school and will be an urologist. She is already anti-“everything” that alters the body. She doesn’t like the supplements I take for bodybuilding, just imagine how she will take PEing. I think I will keep this to myself!


As Thunder said, this is a great opportunity to document a PE success story, and to help your soon-to-be-convinced wife shake up the urological experts of the medical community. Keep it to yourself for now but be religious about documenting your progress with facts and pics. Good luck.


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Hey fastqwerty,

Be prepared to drop you pants at a future urologists convention when your wife presents a lecture on penis enlargement…after spending time here and getting stuck into a solid routine and you start hitting her cds, she too will be a believer.

Originally Posted by dreamy156
haha… can you imagine how horrible it would be if they actually said it worked though? Imagine in a popular magazine, then it’s 60 minutes, dateline… lol… they HAVE to say it doesn’t work :)

All I know is that we should all chip in and send that guy a nice bouquet of flowers and/or a bottle of wine- attached with a note that says…

Thank you so much Doctor for your opinion on PE—we can all breathe a sigh of relief because of your findings.

“Anonymous” PE club


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It is not like I believe everything doctors say, but do things like this tend to ruin anyone else’s view of the credibility of doctors and other opinions of theirs? I mean if they are soooo wrong about this, what the hell else are they wrong about?


It’s purely a safety issue from what I can see. For a doctor to say that PE is ok, is opening the floodgates to complaints from over-zealous PEers who have been told by their doctor that it works.

To a doctor, a functional penis is one which gets hard enough for penetration, and has all the other necessary functions to inseminate a woman.

I don’t think there is a credible doctor out there (nor should there be) who is prepared to put his/her career on the line by stating that jelqing or any other form of PE works.

He I dont like the fact that he even said the word. Now 500,000 men are going to look up jelqing and find PE.

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Don’t worry, Aminal,

Of those 500,000 who look up jelqing, find PE, and decide they want a bigger dick, how many do you seriously think would spend up to an hour or more a day yanking on their wang? Most can’t get their fat asses off the couch and away from the munchies. I wouldn’t sweat it. PE takes dedication, motivation, deliberation, self-persuasion, and just plain hard work.


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ok I give up

just one problem,

what am I going to do with that new 7/8” inch added length that gets hard every time I use it?

You think you guys feel duped, I even bought the t-shirt. Jeez

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I woke up this morning with a “soft” 9” x 7”. Guess it was an illusion. We’ll have to change the name of this site to Thunder’s Magic Penis Show.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I couldn’t find the article on line, but will try to check it out. I’m guessing he based it on theory, but not on subject matters (i.e. we had 5 guys jelq and gave 5 guys sugar pills, but told them they were penis enlargement pills, after 6 months, the sugar pill guys gained weight).

I know that people that had one limb (leg or arm) that was shortert than the other limb, were able to stretch it out via stretching with something that looks something similar to the penis stretchers, done by a a Doctor, over many months or year or something. This might have been on Sixty minutes many years ago. The Bone would stretch a little at a time, and the body compensates and repairs itself.

Unless the other guys in this forum are goofing on me/us, which I doubt, I am a believer, and I’m sticking with it. At worst, I will build up my fingers, hands fore-arms :-)

Horse, did you ever get a camera? I can’t wait to see pix of a “soft” 9x7 and a “hard” 10.5x7.5

Honestly, I have never seen a legit one that size. There’s so many questions about DLD, I’m not even sure he was that big.



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