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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

Originally Posted by Shiver
I just did a quick google, and it looks pretty promising that Rosemary and Clary sage at least, could have relaxant effects on smooth muscle. Even if the oil can’t absorb that deeply, there has to be at least the possibility that breathing them could induce some of the effects.

Both rosemary and peppermint are great vasodilators that can be consumed as a tea or used topically for specific local effects.

In truth, many of the more powerful herbs can be consumed and thus dramatically reduced in the formula (to reduce its skin irritating effects). I myself am forming my own formula for lube and one as a tincture.

I have experienced some skin irritation that has turned into what looks like a 1st degree burn. Not sure if it’s the olive oil or the potency of the herb to base ratio as I let my oil infusion sit far longer than what’s generally practiced. (I started my materia medica journey a good while back while making my own Dit Da Jow for iron body training).

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Originally Posted by Jlushi
Hi I’m a new guy here and been doing PE for a while now I’ll try this mix soon this week as I ordered the essential oils online and I’m waiting to get them . Don’t have any t-veins but I just wanted to use this as my jelq lube what would be a better base oil coconut oil or avocado oil any thoughts ?

I used avocado oil instead of olive oil as my carrier and so far so good.

Guys, I am new, not so new, been a member for 8-9 months. However, this is my first post here. And I have a lot to say in regard to Eroset’s oil.

I got addicted to this oil because it felt so good during my pumping sessions. Thanks for Eroset, the creator of this oil. I gave this formula a boost; so I went ahead and made my own and called it Vein Massage Oil(VMO). I spent a lot of money to purchase various other essential oils that have either vasodilating and or aphrodisiacs properties. So I made about 10 gallons. I bought about 40 x bottles of 1 liter first pressed extra virgin olive oil from Sprouts.

I use a lot of this vein massage oil for jelqing and pumping though. For pumping, although my pump is air-based, but I put about 5-10ml of this Vein Massage Oil in the cylinder, making it very slippery for my shaft. It looks great when I pact my 1.75” cylinder. I use “stage-pumping”. So usually I spend about 15-20 minutes on my 1.75”, then I switch over to a 2” cylinder.

My routines are simple, just jelqing and pumping. And it’s working so far. I initially started with 4.75” EG and 6.25” BPEL. In around three months with the addition of air-pumping, I got up to 7.125” BPEL and around 5.65” in EG.

I did not gain much with the first few months with jelqing alone. I must say my gains were from air/marathon pumping. I am semi-retired. So each day, I would pump 2-3 hours. Thanks to this oil I made. I pump non-stop, 7 days per week, waking up each morning around 4-5AM to go pee with a real high EQ hardon. That tells me there is no serious injury; so I keep on pumping and jelqing 5-6 minutes in between each pumping session to create the blood flow.

When I first started pumping, I tried using the thera-heat-wrap(made out of clay, the one you put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes). Then I tried using a heater. Both became very cumbersome, more on the annoying side. My mind was not relaxed, too many items to deal with. Sometimes the heater were too close or too hot. Other times, the pad was not hot enough. And I did not want to run downstair(naked) to heat it up using the microwave. However, I still believe keeping your penis warm/hot during jelqing and pumping is a good idea for vascular dilation; it’s an excellent way to warm up your CC and CS. So I replaced the heat-pad and heater with the oil, my version though. I added some extra millimeters of cinnamon and clove essentials into my mixed version of the vein massage oil together with 10+ other essentials. It keeps my penis really warm while I pump. That’s just as good as using the heat-pad or heater. Now, I can stay relaxed while I PE and watch my James Bond collections. Well, now I am on Lord of The Rings now. Each movie is like 3-4 hours long. That is how long for each of my marathon pumping session.

This is my first post. I must said I joined about 8-9 months ago. I probably have spent around 500+ hours reading on google, PeGym, Thundersplace and various other forums. I must congratulate for those who had some great gains and for opening up to share their great knowledges. I just learned something new for “Dynamic Pumping” from HomerJS. I just tried it for about 5 days and I loved it. I used to pump up to around 5-6” hg. After building up the momentum for about 5 days, now I peak at around 9-10” hg. So far, there is no sign of injury. I got red dots and some discoloration. But this oil has helped my penis recuperate really fast, after a full night sleep. Remember, I don’t take break on any days. In fact, this PE’ing is getting addicting. I don’t masturbate anymore. Whenever I have the urge to masturbate, I only do it to peak my EQ to prepare for entering the pump cylinder for my pumping marathon.

I must say it feels really great after 2-3 hours of pumping using a 2” cylinder. Right now, I pact about 1/3 of the cylinder after about 45 minutes. But man, when I am done pumping, I jump in a hot shower. I massage/jelq a little in the shower to create some blood circulation or to reassure myself that my little guy is still functioning ok. I try to get at least a full erection, just for my own peace of mind. It just feels great to hold a 6”+ EG penis, post pump though. I am confident that I will get to 6” EG by the end of this year, using the jelqing and marathon/staging pumping technique.

I still have about 8 gallons left of this vein massage oil. If you want some, you can get it from me via ebay. I will give it to you at my cost. Just search for “vein massage oil” and read my story on ebay.

You all probably think I am crazy by spending too much money and time on PE’ing. Well, when you are retired or semi-retired like me, there is too much time each day. And believe it or not, your little guy worth a zillion dollars because he is your “most precious”. I recall spending so much money on an engagement/diamond ring for the lady when I was young. I bought cars and houses for her. For us men, if asked: do you love her as much as your little guy? I think most of us will say: I love my little guy more. Maybe we should do a quick poll to test this out by asking this question:

You receive a call from your wife’s doctor. He tells you that your wife is facing some type of disease which requires a special organ from her spouse to rescue her, otherwise, she will die. The doctor asks if you’re willing to cut off your hotdog to rescue your wife?

I like to volunteer my answer as a “No, hell no.”. Not that I don’t love my lady. But think of this. Say your wife is 25-30 years old. After you have cut off your hotdog to rescue her, will the marriage be stable? Who will be fucking her for the next 20-30 years? How many divorces are happening in US per year were caused not being able to fulfill your sexual duties to your spouse? I would say there is a lot.

There is a saying: Men are happy when they marry. But they are happier when they are no longer married.

I bet some of you boys who may have gained 1-2” in length/girth are now thinking “damn it, I wish I were single again.. Because I have such a big dick now.”.

The point is if I or any men out there would spend so much money for cars, diamond rings, houses and various other expensive items for your lady, then is it fair to spend a few thousand dollars for your “most precious”? So folks, any pennies that you have spent on PE equipment is well damn worth it.

Anyhow, this vein massage oil is no joke. I made a small 8 oz bottle for each of my kid to use in lieu of lotion. I use the starbucks coffee bottle; it’s about 8 oz. I use this oil for all purpose, including when I shave. I use it for my legs and my back. It makes the skin feel really soft, much better than the Johnson & Johnson lotion. In fact, whenever the wife gives me a massage or vice versa, we use this oil too. It smells great. I just can’t stand the coco-butter smell.

Sorry for the long post. Although it’s my first post, I kinda enjoy it. I don’t have any PE buddies in my neighborhood. It would be nice to create some friends in this community.

Originally Posted by jrwriter
* Now I want to add the Helichrysum is one the most expensive essential oils out there. A bottle will cost around $60+ dollars but its worth its weight in gold. If you are unable to get your hands on one you can still use the recipe without it. Rosemary and Cypress are very effective on their own even with out Helichrysum. Once again anyone with any sort of PE injury should definitely give this recipe a try. This recipe is so effective that not only should people use it for injuries but it should also be part of your daily PE regimen.

Would you be so kind as to verify which Helichrysum oil you use? I noticed one reviewer said that Helichrysum Italicum (Mediterranean) was the “good kind”, but the other kind from Madagascar (gymnocephalum) is much cheaper, closer to $1 per ml. If one plant is more rare it stands to reason it’s more expensive even if they are biologically the same - which I suspect strongly.

By the way let me add that switching to olive oil has made a very different kind of lubricant. It lingers longer, stays more slippery and thus is better for jelqing whereas avocado oil absorbs somewhat quickly and is slightly thicker. I would recommend the latter for routine application (before sleeping or upon rising) as a vehicle for the essential oils, and stick to olive oil for girth work.

Originally Posted by lefondu

Wooow impressive answer, so much wisdom in that. Thanks for share.

Only a question . It is easy to clean the cylinder after use?

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D


It is extremely easy to clean with this vein massage oil, using extra virgin olive oil as the carrier oil. In fact, I try to conserve water as much as possible. So each time I take a shower, I always bring the cylinders in the shower to clean.

Ok, finally I could get all the oils.
I try to jelq but it doesn’t work well, it seems that dries very quickly !

Do you guys have the same problem?

I used avocado oil as carrier

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D

Originally Posted by gñe
Ok, finally I could get all the oils.
I try to jelq but it doesn’t work well, it seems that dries very quickly !

Do you guys have the same problem?

I used avocado oil as carrier

Use Vaseline it is messy but I guarantee it will last a very long time during wet work sessions. Good luck with your PE career. :-)

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Originally Posted by close_2_8inch
Use Vaseline it is messy but I guarantee it will last a very long time during wet work sessions. Good luck with your PE career. :-)

Thanks for the tip

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D


Originally Posted by xenolith
Yes, its true, I did it…I proposed EVO. I was using EVOO already anyway.

This post is a testimonial. I T-veined myself on 6 days ago…by being stupid of course. I PM’d E with questions regarding what he’d experienced with his T-vein, and the recipe above came back in his reply. I’ve been using it as Eroset recommends for 3 days now, and each day the vein is softer. Not much more to say except that I’m delighted that Eroset has posted the recipe. I know its helped my T-vein.

Good on ‘ya E!

How much of the eroset oil do you use and what days? I have a swollen vein but not hard.


Originally Posted by marshall09
How much of the eroset oil do you use and what days? I have a swollen vein but not hard.

Gosh, been awhile, but I’ll guess 5-10ml once to three, maybe four, times a day; took about a week as I recall to get the tissue to normal feeling, little longer for the redness to clear. Good stuff.

Good Luck!


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Originally Posted by gñe
Ok, finally I could get all the oils.
I try to jelq but it doesn’t work well, it seems that dries very quickly !

Do you guys have the same problem?

I used avocado oil as carrier

Avocado oil is absorbed easily so it’s actually better in terms of healing properties. Olive oil is not easily absorbed so it’s better for wet work.

Originally Posted by jhtownsend
Avocado oil is absorbed easily so it’s actually better in terms of healing properties. Olive oil is not easily absorbed so it’s better for wet work.

thanks man !!

finally I tried with a mix of coconut oil/shea butter as a carrier oil.

Love it !!

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D

I have a thrombosed dorsal vein since 4 years because a bit of light Jelqing. Doesn’t really bother me but I was wondering if anyone has tried the EVO oil on a thrombosed veins that you’ve had for quite a while? I would have thought that it is impossible to remove it after 4 years! And if it did get moving, then it would probably just settle somewhere else? I would need something that would dissolve or break up the clot? Wouldn’t want it do travel into a deep vein either!


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