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Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more

Originally Posted by Ike
Euroset, thank you. I’m going to go mix me up some EVO as soon as I can get back to this place here in Seattle: If you’re in the Seattle area, go check out that store.
Can’t wait to hear your thougts Ike, and everybody.

Originally Posted by millionman
The vein isn’t as hard anymore but if I stretch at all the vein seems to get “angry” and stiffen a bit but within an hour or so it’s back to a semi-soft state but it doesn’t feel like it should. I’ve also noticed that I still have a tenderness towards the base and actually into the pad area which is odd to me. I’m hoping that this concoction will work for me.
My original t-vein still get’s “angry”, as you put it, following a jelq session, but once I saw that it softens like yours within a short time, I decided to just keep a very close eye on it and not sweat it too much. With the EVO it seems to be getting larger, but less turgid when it gets angry, so I take that as a good sign.

Originally Posted by PEst
I reckon castor oil should be added to the mixture… I have heard only good things about castor oil with thrombosis!
What do you guys reckon, it wouldn’t hurt to add it would it?

Also, wouldn’t a heat pad which applies the mixture onto the penis help even more?

No idea about Castor Oil PEst, just never researched that one. I’ll mention that when I was toying with the idea of adding L-Arginine to the mix, I think it was Shiver that reminded me to be cautious about over-saturing the carrier oil with too many ingredients. In addition, I have no idea if the Castor Oil would react with any of the other oils in there, I’ll look into it.

As far as heat goes, I only heated before the vein massage, not during or after because I wanted the oil to be absorbed by my skin, not my rice sock, so again, no idea. Sorry. :)

But that reminds me of two other disclaimers I forgot:

1) This has NOT been tested with an IR lamp, I have no idea what reaction it would cause under IR, if any. Be very careful and observant if you decide to test this with IR, please!

2) I have NO idea what you uncircumsized guys with your more-sensitive glans are going to experience with this as an all-over lube. I do feel the sensations from the lube on my glans slightly, I can only imagine that you guys might feel it more, if this turns out to be the case, either add more carrier oil or back off the Rosemary and Lemongrass.

Brilliant thread, brilliant idea - keep up the good work Eroset.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

ERO, I think that’s a good way to do it. I noticed that it only got really bad after I had taken a few days off, but once back into a routine it sort of “blended” in with the other veins. It was a bit tender at times but nothing major and the vein wasn’t angry or hard at all. I’m still taking a break at the moment and reevaluating where I am going right now with PE, but I think this massage and lubricant will be great help. Do you use it for anything other than jelqs (squeezes etc)?

PEst: If you want to try Castor Oil with this mixture, it wouldn’t be added to the carrier (duh, I wasn’t thinking) it would replace the carrier oil, so my earlier concern of over saturating the mixture is moot. If you feel like experimenting, you would replace the Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the Castor Oil and use that as the base carrier. Again, no idea what this will be like, but you might be on to something, Castor does have some interesting properties.

One thing to keep in mind, my understanding is that while Olive Oil is readily absorbed by the skin, Castor is valued, in part, for it’s ability to partially stay on the surface of the skin, acting as a barrier against elements and such. I don’t think this should be much of a problem though, we’re not trying to penetrate down through the tunica or anything, we’re just trying to get at superficial veins, and nothing’s going to stop that Rosemary from penetrating anyway, I would assume. Hell, that Rosemary might pull some of the Castor Oil down with it and increase the response, who knows. You’re nominated for the Castor Oil guinea pig. :D

Originally Posted by millionman
ERO, I think that’s a good way to do it. I noticed that it only got really bad after I had taken a few days off, but once back into a routine it sort of “blended” in with the other veins. It was a bit tender at times but nothing major and the vein wasn’t angry or hard at all. I’m still taking a break at the moment and reevaluating where I am going right now with PE, but I think this massage and lubricant will be great help.
Tenderness is something I’m no longer experiencing with that vein, even when it gets a bit angry after jelqing. All tenderness was gone for me after about a week with the oil treatment. Hope it helps you as well.
Originally Posted by millionman
Do you use it for anything other than jelqs (squeezes etc)?
I’m a newbie, man. All I do is jelq and stretch. :D So other than a few footjobs and a handjob from the wife with the stuff, and masturbation or edging/ballooning, that’s it. I figured that if my penis can handle 15-20 minutes of jelqing with it followed by 20-30 minutes of edging with it, and not have any kind of negative reaction, it was safe to share with others.

This is such an interesting topic, reminds me of playing mad scienctist when I was younger. I think there is a whole realm of possiblities for use of Essential Oils and the like for PEing. I am sure with the bright minds here we coulkd come up with a lot of different concoctions for stuff such as, After-Hang Oil, Jelq Oil, Stretch Oil, and maybe an oil with warming properties for hot wraping.

I know of a few other people who have posted there ideas in the past it would be nice if we could round them up some place on the forum, unless it has already been done.

I once tried applying Icy Hot diluted with lotion in hope it would dilate a thrombosed vein. That lasted until the second day when I accidentally mixed it a little too strong. Ouch. Then I tried Vic’s Vaporub, but didn’t continue because it smelled too strong. Hard to explain that emanating from your crotch. This oil concoction sounds interesting.

That’s interesting. The three active ingredients in Vaporub: Camphor, Eucalyptus, and Menthol are all pretty powerful vasoconstrictors. Was there a reason you were going for constricting instead of dilation? How long did you use it for, and did you experience any results from it? I just assumed vasodilators were the way to go, never thought about vasoconstrictors.

I only used it for a couple days.

>Was there a reason you were going for constricting instead of dilation?

No, I was trying for better circulation. Aren’t camphor and eucalyptus supposed to help circulation when applied to the skin?

Ahhh, yeah… that makes more sense.

Hi again eroset, I will gladly be the guinea pig for the castor oil test. I believe I have LOTS of severe thrombosed veins as I am in pain when I get erect, the urologist when I went said to avoid getting erect but that is impossible for me lol.

The olive oil has very good penetrating properties and I feel that in order to get the castor oil to work in the same way - constant heat from a heating pad or something may be required. I used to add about 6 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil to my bath each time, at first it stuck to the sides of the bath and floated - but after a while it all soaked up into my skin nicely and gave my skins a beautiful soft finish because the hot bath allowed it to soak nicely into me. If I was female then I would be getting you horny by now right? haha. :D

Anyway, I am going bed soon so night all - take care.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Well, I used the oil for the first time tonight, and I have to say that it is very good. I warmed up very thoroughly and did a few jelqs and I noticed that the vein was still soft and only prominent when pressure was applied at the base of the fat pad. I noticed more veins when i was jelqing, and I moved into doing a few squeezes to see how the vein would react and it did very well. The oil seems to keep the vein in a softer state and more open, and along with the hot water treatments between massaging, jelqing, and the squeezes kept things flowing very well. I definitely like this and will continue to use it. I’m going to start each session with hot water treatment, then light-medium jelqing and some squeezes to end the session just to break back in. I’ll update here in this thread if I have any problems and to report good news as well (improved vascularity etc).

Thanks for sharing, Eroset.

I’m curious — how does oil applied to the skin affect blood vessels? My understanding was that the skin is pretty good at keeping things outside the body. I’m not trying to start an argument here; I’m just curious if anyone knows how a topical treatment could work. Would ingestion of these substances be more effective? (Not that I’m about to try that out :) )

I’m going to have to do some research to give you a decent answer, Para. I’m a pixel pusher, not a doctor, this was all kind of an accident. :)

I know this stuff gets down there, and we’re not talking about even needing it to go too far, just down to the superficial veins right under the skin. Many chemical compounds can pass the skin barrier and get into the blood stream. In this case, the essential oils (to varying degrees) are one of those compounds, it has something to do with their lipid-soluble structure and (I think) molecular size. I’ll get you a better answer, I will.

By the way, don’t anybody try and ingest these essential oils!! :) And heat is very important in this whole process, allowing easier penetration of the oils. The reason you need a heat source when using a Castor Oil pack, is because Castor doesn’t have the penetrating properties of essential oils, and heat encourages the penetration.

Hi Eroset,
I was just wondering do you have some before + After pics

Would be helpful to see what the oil does!!


Without looking it up, I’d guess that castor oil is much bulkier in a molecular sense than olive oil, so might not get through the crusty surface layer of the skin (stratum corneum) quite so well. I think olive oil is pretty good as a source of Vit E as well (bonus!), and would probably pull about x3 the amount of actives with it than say water. If taking olive oil internally then I suppose a lot of it would be used up as energy or component nutrients, so might need far more to be ingested to get a similar result. Even then, your body has to ‘want’ to do what you’re intending. Slap it right on the spot and cut out the middle man (liver/pancreas).

Contrary to that, castor oil is/was used quite a lot in midwifery, so you have to wonder if it has some softening properties.

You could always try a “dermaroller” :D


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