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Hi, I have a question about a huge problem I got.

The thing is that that I have big problems to keep my erection hard. For an example if I have sex with a girl and we change position, during the time I have taken out my penis to the time I should put it back in to her it has become soft.
This problem has come to the point where I afraid to have sex because I know that my penis will lose its erection after a while.

My question is if there is any trainingmethods to get a better erection so to speak, I mean harder erections and longlasting ones. I am satisfied with length and circumference so the only thing I need is a HARD erection.

Very grateful for answers.

/Sad Guy

During the short time I have been PEing, I have found that, as for training methods, Kegels help obtain and maintain a strong erection. Also during sex with my girlfriend, I also have the same problem from time to time and what I do is if I begin to lose my erection I will perform oral sex on her which re-establishes my erection and arouses her even further. I also beleive that squeezes and maturbating for long periods of time will get your penis acclimated to having erections and therefore lots of blood in it for long periods of time. If these methods don’t work, you can try a penis ring—these things work like you would not believe. Caution must be used when utilizing a penis ring though—I am a newbie to PE and I used a penis ring and jelged with it which resulted in thrombosed veins, so be careful.


Firstly, I would never recommend jelqing with any kind of constriction device; use as firm a handgrip at the base as possible. Merely wearing a cockring at a high erection level for extended periods of time can be damaging. If you wear one, be sure to release the erection at intervals, especially if your unit begins turning very dark or bluish.

On the other hand, a cockring may be an excellent solution to your problem, Johanbengt; the design enables a man to achieve a harder and long-lasting erection that will stay with you til you choose to release it. The first time I tried one I was amazed at how my hardon seemed to be not a part of my body, like a sex toy. It was total fun. I felt as if I was ‘sharing’ something new with my partner.

Start out with a soft rubber model or one with quick release like velcro or snaps. Don’t go for metal rings until you’ve grown accustomed to usage.

Good luck: Dew

A quick fix would be kegel just before you take it out and hold it while changing positions or after kegeling quickly grab your dick at the base and make sure no blood can flow away. You can also masturbate a little during changing positions.

You can also find something that will turn you on again like oral sex, looking into her eyes, stroking her or talk dirty.


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