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Erection problems at 23


You gotta realise with PE, we condition ourselves to be semi aroused so we can jelq without full erections. So it is a matter of mind over matter deal. My problem was if it wasnt hard enough, i’d kegel like crazy get it hard, but then i’d want to bust. So I’d pause and relax, eventually I found my groove. But I’m single now so I just PE.

I'll mess with this later.

“One of my buddies cannot maintain an erection if he’s standing up, but has no problem if he is lying down. He’s 6’4” in height, a little over 250lbs in weight, and he tells me that he’s over 10” nbp. Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be cured?”

Maybe he’s lazy that way ? There are times when I couldn’t give a flip about servicing the lady, much less stand up and do it. Seriously though, that can be an issue if the woman likes to be held up in the air and done properly. With 10”, maybe he ought to let the girl impale herself on that at her own pace and depth control.


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