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Erection problems at 23

Originally Posted by Northpole
When my wife loosed weight about 12 pounds and shaved her pussy really good looking I felt like a teen again.
I was continuously horny and wanted to make love to her.

Will your wife speak to my wife?

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Originally Posted by jordon
Will your wife speak to my wife?


Man personally I just think all that time during PE your getting your unit use to not getting erect doing jelqs or what not. I don’t think it’s erectile dysfunction, I just think it might take a little more pleasure to get it started. But now on the other hand, you could last longer.

ya I’m 24 and my erections arent as good as they where when I was 18.My dick used to get so hard back in the day my hardon would be so hard for so long it would start to hurt.I mean when I get hard now its kind of hard to tell if i’m fully erected.sometimes when I’m hard I take my dick and bend it up towards me and my erections gets really hard

One of my buddies cannot maintain an erection if he’s standing up, but has no problem if he is lying down. He’s 6’4” in height, a little over 250lbs in weight, and he tells me that he’s over 10” nbp. Does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be cured?

Could be anything, erections are bitches! You may (probably) just be nervous, or going through a rut of unhorniness (happens to everyone). Or, maybe you have fucked up some arteries and blood isn’t going in there at a good enough rate? Or, on the contrary like me maybe your veno occlusion is poor (ie some of your veins are not closing off to keep blood in there).

There are so many things that can fuck up bro, but when you wake up with that hard morning wood…think how lucky you are. If you get morning wood there is no problem physically. I would kill for morning wood.

Guys, I am 42 and I can tell erections decrease in time. Still, there are girls who can make you stiff like stone and the problem is non to come too soon. There are periods you are more sexual and others you are less. Sometime a woman just quit being attractive to your dick… Some drugs, get your libido away, but generally speaking, your mind is the key factor. So, relax and forget about it. It is just a normal phase of your life which will pass as it has come.

lexx, I just wish to ask if any of your family members has a history of cardiovascular diseases.

Hi mate. Take some maca is really good. I have erections like rock. Take care mate!

I will achieve my goal sooner or later.I don't want to be an average.

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Dude, how many times do you ejaculate in a week? I am only 22 and have the same problem, and have found it’s all down to ejaculating far too often, which gives you very weak erections. I guess it doesn’t affect everyone, we are all different, but definately with me cutting back to no more than twice a week brings them right back. The more you get obsessed with it, the worse it becomes, you probably need to break the cycle. Not saying this is whats happening to you, but it is possible. If I do it too much then it becomes soft after a few seconds, and is basically limp, until a suitable break is given. PE also makes it worse for me, it’s wise to stop every now and then to make sure that it’s going to keep coming on back.

Don’t worry too much my friend. You problem i believe is a hodgepodge of what others have mentioned stress, anxiety and probably a good case of desensitization. Try revamping your diet, get plenty of sleep, don’t worry about pleasing your lover so much and relax. Try not masturbating for a week or so. I too go through periods where sex or masturbation isn’t all that great and i have trouble keeping it hard, usually this occurs for me if i have periods of poor diet (which doesn’t happen too often since i am a health freak) or if i just spank the monkey way to often lol. Anyway good luck and don’t stress life is to short to stress over the stuff you cant control and to short to do nothing about the things you can control. Peace.

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Do any of you guys know of anything that is an alternative to viagra? Most of the time viagra give me a stuffy nose, indigestion and later a slight headache. If I only use a small portion for PE, I’m fine but when wanting a full blown erection for sex then I get all of those side effects. I’ve done a search for alternatives but nothing meaninful. Steve

I’m 23 too and my problem is that my unit gets to party shape with manual stimulation but I’m unable to get it rock hard with only thinking or visual stimulus, like I used to. You guys may want to check this forum out:


It’s for people suffering from erection problems. Overmasturbation may be one reason. For my knowledge, working formula for recovery hasn’t been found yet but people there are trying out supplements and doing research.

Maybe you lost interest after a few minutes ? Some women, no matter how naked and in your face it is, don’t do it for me too. I’m perhaps too selective that way. Yeah, it can be embarassing and you hope the bad PR doesn’t get out there. But if you’ve got your job on your mind, rent or other things, an erection is only a temporary escape from that reality. Take your five minutes and time it after concentrating on foreplay for a while and then be ready when she’s ready to orgasm. Either that, or just do your job and be selfish about it and leave when you’re done after 5 minutes. The latter will probably get you the bad PR if it gets out there, but then you’ll have some women that think they can be the one that keeps you stiff for more than 5 minutes. You might get more action that way. Who knows ?

Originally Posted by lexx
Hey, I used to come to this site a few years ago and disregarding my gains, here is an issue:

When I first started getting intimate with girls, I thought that I was just nervous and stuff. But now, I am realizing that I cannot get super hard or even stay hard for very long time. This sucks cause I am only 23! I also have a friend who is 21 who also revealed to me that when he had sex with 2 women (not at the same time ;) ) he would lose the erection after like 5 min.

In my case, I lose the erection even after putting on the condom. It’s almost as if I don’t get super aroused from a girl touching me like I figure I should. What do you guys think is the problem? The girl I am with now is my long term relationship and I care about her so no reason for emotional stuff to be causing problems.

Do you think I am too young for viagra?


A) Do you have any problem masturbating?
B) Have you had your *free* testosterone checked (It should be >500 at your age)
C) Have you had your free estrogen checked (It might be too high) - some supplements can reduce test->est conversion.
D) You might try DHEA supplements after getting a DHEA_Sulfate test.
C) Do you wake up with morning wood?
D) Possibly have some fetish requirement and in denial (was issue with me during low teste period)
E) Possibly not straight and in denial? (Ever have fantasies about men which arouse you?) (no need to answer that but had to ask it)
F) Girlfriend might be low pheromone producer (could get her some copulin perfume).


To the 40 year old. (And you young pups) Andropause is *REAL* and the equivalent of Menopause.

1) LOW testosterone.
2) Anxiety
3) Brain fog
4) Night sweats
5) Hard to keep muscle
6) Low sex drive- softer erections.

Get your doctor to check you (even without insurance it is like $150).

I feel like a damn unicorn again at 45 after almost 15 months of very weak performance and all above symptoms.

For those without alot of money- shots are the way to go. With insurance, you are stuck with whatever they decide to cover.

You *should* take prostate health supplements if you go this route. Testosterone does not give you prostate cancer but if you develop it, the estrogen it converts to is like gasoline on a fire.


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