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Erection problems after stretching?

Erection problems after stretching?

Some people here say, that when they do much stretching they feel some problems with sensitivity and erection strength.

Does this only occur when they stretch longer or harder than they stretch usually?

Does this problem disapear after going back to the normal routine btw. making a break for some days?

I want to begin manuell stretching, but fear erection problems.


So far it takes me about 1 minute after stretching to get an erection. I imagine if you pull too hard you could hurt yourself.


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I think it best to take it easy to reduce risk.

Better that it take a bit longer but trouble-free (see my thread), or as they say in your neighborhood: langsam aber sicher.

I’ve often found that after a good workout it’s more difficult to get and maintain an erection. This is because the tissue is fatigued. If it’s rested for a few hours it usually bounces back and after a good night’s sleep it’s all back to normal again. If it lasts any longer than this then a review of your routine may be in order and a few days of PE-free rest. I’ve never experienced any loss of sensitivity that has lasted more than a minute or two. :)

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The same here. After a couple of stretching my Penis with my stretch belt, I find it hard to get an erection to do some additional jelqs. Not even the best porn help.

I am new to all this. I have been stretching for just over 3 weeks now as per the routine instructions the stretcher company provided and to try and erections that same day are hard in coming. Ok that was a bad pun but true. I actually have found at the end of a cycle before I increase the time the following week I am getting better morning woods over the weekend. I do rest over the weekend.

If you are having problems with your erection or sensitivity then you are stretching too hard or for too long and that should be avoided.

Maybe this can help: firegoat - Length Gains

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