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erection angle

erection angle

Hi guys! I would like to know something about erection angle. When I’m erect it is very high maybe over 11:00, so my penis is very close to my belly. When I lower my dick (erect) till it is parallel to the floor, I feel a strong stretch at the base. I guess it depends on my ligs, but I’m not sure. Do you think it means I have high ligs? I’ve a average (I Think) Lot about 8:30.
Some suggestion about the stretch routine?



There doesn’t seem to be a correlation between erection angle and LOT, but given that you state your (you think) LOT as 8:30, you have tight ligs. If your LOT is indeed 8:30, stretch downwards, and preferably BTC in your routine.

Good Luck

Does anyone know if there is ANY correlation between erection angle and lig tightness? I thought erection angle was probably due to blood pressure within the penis as well as elasticity of the tunica.

Anyone know conclusively?

A Google search for “erection angle” brought up this poll which shows that even the guys you’d expect to have the tightest ligs, most frequent erections, and least problems with “circulation” (that is, teenagers) have erection angles all over the place. I suspect one’s erection angle has more to do with the way the penis is attached to the pelvic bones and, perhaps, heredity than anything else.

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