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Erect stretching experiences and testimonials

Erect stretching experiences and testimonials

Have you ever tried erect stretching? And by erect, I mean 60-70% erect, not completely erect as stretching at that level you would not really be able to feel a good pulling sensation. Any gains from doing it? I am just starting to do it now and am looking closely to see if it hurts my erections or anything else, but the pulling sensation I feel from it is incredible. All tunica feeling!

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I stretch semi erect at times… Maybe 40-50% And the stretch I feel is also intense. I grip mid shaft. Whether it actually works, and how dangerous it is, is another story.

According to Base, a well-respected moderator, he believes that the feeling one might experience when stretching during an moderate erection is tension on the CC’s, not the tunica. This will lead to a feeling of fatigue, but no appreciable growth will be realized since CC stretch, in the absence of tunica growth, can not be realized. If you visualize it, it makes sense.

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I have done this before, I gain about 1/2 inch in 2 weeks.

Makes sense to me Rushmore. It’s kind of like a tire. You won’t be able to get in much air that you are trying to pump in if the tubing is at its (pre-rupturing) max load. But my question to you is, how about the other way around? If you have been doing excercizes that lend themselves to tunica growth but had not been stretching the CC’s, would you not see gains as well? So by doing them, might I be filling up some “loose” tunica?

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Does your LOT determine the type of erect stretch you do (angle, etc.)? Or is that only a concern with flaccid stretches? I’m curious because I have a pretty low LOT and, according to the theory, wouldn’t gain much from lig stretches.

Sometimes I will start stretching at about a 40-50% erection, but it quickly goes completely flaccid. I make sure I never pull to hard until it’s completely flaccid though.


I think what you are saying is possible, but highly unlikely. For the most part, the CC’s are limited by the tunica. They would naturally expand without the tunica encasing them, so I doubt they would be a limiting factor. If this were the case, hangers would not realize their gains until they filled up the grown tunica.


I’ve never heard of angle being important regarding intense girth or erect work. LOT is primarily a guide for stretching.

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