Erect Stretching and bruising....

Question and advice for those of you that have been doing erect stretching.

I’ve been PE’ing for about 8 mos. and have recently started erect stretching to try and get over this length plateau I’ve been in for a the last few months.

My routine is to get as erect as possible, grab around the base with my thumb and two fingers and pull straight out (30 sec), pull “slightly” to the left (30 sec), right (30 sec), and up (30 sec). I basically pull in all directions until a feel a good stretch on the ligs.

Now when I do grab at the base and pull, my hand doesn’t slide on my penis, but the skin slides up so that when I’m fully pulling, my hand is about halfway up the shaft.

Anyway, after the first few days, I’ve noticed some very light bruising after each session along with red dots on the underside of my penis all up and down the shaft.

I was wondering if this is considered “normal” when you start erect stretching and it eventually stops happening or if I’m doing something wrong. It’s not painful and and it certaintly isn’t hurting my erections…….it just looks a little “ugly”.