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Erect Streches


Erect Streches


I have this problem, whenever I start stretching, my dick immediately (in less than 30 sec) becomes semierect. From everything I’ve learned stretches must be done in a completely flaccid state to be effective. That’s why I gave up and not doing stetches at all, cause as much as I want to do them it’s impossible for me to keep flaccid long enough for an effective stretch session.

Now I heard that stretches can be performed in a full erect state as well. I actually know someone who reported doing them with great results.

Is this something new?
I am going to try to grab the head while fully erect and pull streight forward 10 times for 10 sec each and see how it feels.

Just curious if anyone reading this try them?


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Hey Will!

Personally, I think these guys are just pulling themselves …… and perhaps everyone else! :chuckle:

lil1 :monty:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

I am in the midst of trying them…try pulling straight up, you get more of a stretch as you are able to leverage your force applied more efficiently.


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I guess it’s best to try not to think about what you’re doing, because it can be a bit of a mind war.

The only exercises I do besides the PC exercises, are v-stretches and generic flaccid stretches. But it’s just not the sort of thing I can do for a great length of time because as you say it’s too easy to become erect.

So I just do short bursts, if it starts to become erect wait for a bit and do another short burst and so on. Eventually i’ve found it gets a easier to sustain a non erection.

I haven’t tried erect stretches, I find it a lot more difficult to get a good grip while erect.

Hey WB

Do you think taking the “right” dosage of anti-histamine (spelling?) would still counter the results of the stretch?

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.



I don’t see what do anti-histamines (which are drugs for treatment of immediate allergic and inflammatory responses) have to do with stretches or any other pe exercise?

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Response to erect stretch vs flaccid stretch

They make henry shrink and withdraw, and the heavier dosage will make him totally unresponsive.
In that context i was speaking to how to curb erections for more effective and lengthly manual stretching sessions w/o doing stretches during erection.

I fail to see how stretching while erect can be beneficial even to the slightest degree as compared to doing while flaccid, unless the benefit would somehow take place behind the base area on the inside.

(It seems sometimes we lose gainful PE focus by attempting to make PE too complicated; taking away the effectiveness of simplicity).

life is short, enjoy it while you can at Thunders Place.


One possible side effect of using anti-histamines is ED. Other side effects of using them may be drawsiness and dry mouth and nose. The last thing I want to do is mess with my erections by taking drugs to keep “henry” flaccid for the stretches…Stay away from ANY drug unless it is absolutely essential for your health - they all have side effects, and take thier tall on the body in one way or another.

As for the erect stretches, the guy who recomended them to me reported that they do work on the ligaments on the base. I tried them and they really seem to put strain on the ligs.


Thanks for the idea of “short bursts” - I cand do those toilet stretches whenever I go to the bathroom.

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I can see thebeneficience of erect stretches provided you can get a good grip on your penis. However, I’ve had penile anatomy on the mind lately and I do believe that erect stretches (all stretches in fact) are probably best if targeted on the upper portion of the penis.

If you pull straight up you place more stretch on the CS and its attendant connective tissues as opposed to the CC and it’s attendant tissues. I have a feeling that erect stretches may very well target the main lig where it hooks into the body. The CC, I believe, is what lends rigidity to the penis. It’s the part that gets truly hard and is able to take advantage of the erect stretch by transferring a large percentage of the stress to the actual ligament. Pulling up reduces this a bit. Pulling down would stress it more. Plus, when you pull up, the penis is much more likely to “pull back” through involuntary contractions of the PC or some attendant muscles.

Of course, there is also the consideration of which way you want your penis to point while erect. I don’t know about you folks, but I would like mine to stick straight out or even slightly upward. If we stretch the abovementioned ligament too much it may become so limber that it doesn’t “stand up” any longer, but just kind of hangs there half-heartedly even at full mast. That’s the porn star look I know… but it’s somewhat inefficient for actual sex I think. The angle of the penis is somewhat important I feel.

Curious. Curious.

Then again, this is all conjecture and opinion. Some people want the drooping pornstar look. Pulling down may transfer less force into the penis despite my rationale because you are able to generate more force by virute of a better grip as mentioned above.

As soon as I completely heal my unit I’m going to get a cock ring and do a bit of (Careful!) erect stretching and feel where it hits and all. Until then, I have no way to experiment.


How exactly are you doing the manual flaccid stretches ?


Hi PEnister,

I grab the head and pull the flaccid dick streight forward for 20 sec. Then when I want to stretch it again it’s no longer flaccid any more…:( :)

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i get the same problem with getting erect while stretching, i have to wank off a few times then do it. Or do it while watching some boring documentory so i don’t get excited.

Hey Guys !

thanks for the suggestion on boring documentary for killing ercections LOL.)

I just finished reading the thread “Stretching While Erect?” over at PE Forum:…=&threadid=2781

I had no idea this 3 pages long thread exists - somehow missed it - and the guys there report fantastic gains that happen almost overnight.(“Releasing” the hidden inner lenght?)

You’re right, Erect stretches do target the main lig where it hooks into the body.

It’s hard to believe that all of them at pe forum are just making up imaginary gains, it appears to be that this stuff is working.

Any progress with the Erect Stretches? If you still have a grip problem (pulling the skin instead of the erect penis), try to grab firmly with a piece of cloth - or even throug your sweatpants -I tried it and it works.

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I need to measure, and I’ve been sick the last few days so PE, hell, even a hard on is the furthest thing from my mind. On visual inspection it appears so, but I will let you know as soon as I can confirm it quantitatively.


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Manual stretches by grabbing the head can lead to sensitivity loss.

Try grabbing under the head (on the sides), it might stimulate the head less. Make sure the P.C. isn’t flexed and try to stay relaxed as possible :) Natural Geographic programs is a good idea :)
If this doesn’t help, at least you get to learn something about the sex life of the Ameba.


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