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Erect Pushdowns??

Erect Pushdowns??

Does pushing down on a 100% erection stretch the ligs? What I mean is , by pushing down on the head with one hand and using your other hand as a lever on the underside right at the balls. Does this stretch the ligs or something else irrelevant.

I did a search for this but could only come up with erect bends??

Just wondering

BTW I have an erection angle of about 10:30 , if that matters at all

I was actually wondering the same thing. I have a similar erection angle.

Also, does anyone know what effect twisting the erect penis (the whole thing) has? It feels like it really stretches the ligs near the base. Try it (but be careful). Just grab your penis and rotate it.

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cblake33 - Pushing down on your erection would likely have little effect on lig stretch. In fact, you might run the risk of rupturing one of the corpora cavernosa if you pushed too hard. The stiffness of the erection limits the movement and lig stretch would be minimal. Probably better to do manual stretches or hanging.

popp - Sounds like you’re describing the Bruiser 180 or a variant. Those are pretty strenuous and dangerous. Here’s a link to a thread on that technique which includes a link to a post at PE Forums that has photos of the exercise. Be careful!

it sure does something

When I first started pe back in 8/02, the pushing down move was about the only exercise I did consistently for the first 6 months. I got over 1” bpel and I think about 1/2” girth out of it during that time. As for stretching the ligs, I don’t know, but I did get a few good lig pops here and there. Interestingly, my LOT is still up past 11:00, so I figger if I was stretching my ligs it would be coming down a little. But it sure as hell does do something… Yeesh, this is so confusing.

BTW I quit because I eventually stopped getting any gains out of it and it just made my johnson sore all the time.


Thanks for the reply. I am not sure if you undrstand my question. I am not actually talking about bending the erection , but just pushing down on the head and supporting the underside with the other hand right above the balls. I am not trying to bend in the middle. How would this rupture the corpora cavernosa? The erection remains perfectly straight. Just wondering as I am sure you are much more knowledgeable about the penis anotomy then I am.

What got me thinking about this is erection angle. Isn’t that determined by the length of your ligs? Kind of like standing on the end of a 10 ft 2X4 with one end of a 10 ft rope in your hands and the other tied to the opposite end of the 2x4. If you pull on the rope ( shortening it ie: shorter ligs ) say lessening the length of the rope to say 8 ft , the opposite end of the 2x4 rises towrds you. ( erection angle ) Does that make sense?

If that is true , then when you have an erection, aren’t your ligs stretched pretty close to their maximum? So if by pushing down on the head while leveriging the base , wouldn’t that give a pretty good stretch to ligs that are already extended??

Maybe I’m just rambling and don’t understand the whole anatomy of the penis correctly. I am sure someone would have used this before if it worked. All I know is when I tried it , it sure gave a hell of a stretch to something.


cblake, I’ve done this, really puffs your prick up…

As long as you listened to your penis, I never felt on the verge of hurting myself. Yes I believe it does stress the ligs nicely, and in fact one pay site I happened to stumble upon access to recommends this as a plateu buster. I mostly did it out of desperation as I had stopped gaining, which I now know was do to my low LOT, so more lig work wasn’t gonna do it. If you have a high LOT and are careful, I believe this move has potential.

Hey, how bout an update on the dostinex multi-orgasm wonder drug?

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Thanks for the reply. I will carefully keep trying these and see how it goes.

As for the Dostinex , check out Darktrick’s recent post on the subject. My experience has been more limited than his as I gave the remaining amout that I had to my wife to see if it would help with her Female Arousal Disorder. Still working on that.


If I sleep on my stomach, I always have my penis pointed straight out towards my feet. If I’m erect then it stretches it- but probably to not the effect you are talking about.

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