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Erect long enough at 100 growth

Erect long enough at 100 growth

If you stay erect long enough at 100 % , would that make for growth ?

No, VB. You need over 100% engorgement to stretch or tear the tissues.

If you’re thinking about taking a Viagra and keeping an erection for a few hours to stretch it out, forget about it.

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Originally Posted by vanburen
If you stay erect long enough at 100 % , would that make for growth ?

Theoretically, I don’t see why not.
But in practice it is probably impossible to stay erect long enough to see measurable gains?


I don’t know much about solutions you can inject into your penis to get an erection, but I know they exist. You literally inject them and, whether you want an erection or not, you will get one. I’m pretty sure Avocet has tried them. Does anyone know if those injections make you “over” 100% with engorgement, or how long the erection will last?

Execellent way to permenantly lose a penis. Not a good idea.

Originally Posted by bam
Execellent way to permenantly lose a penis. Not a good idea.


I can’t see it working unless you had an erection for several months (opposite of ‘use it or lose it’) as the pressure just isn’t there to cause reactive remodelling.

I’ve read about a solitary case where the patient had sickle cell anemia and experienced excessive growth due to multiple bouts of persistent erections over several months. I suspect that is due to the disease as well as his erect condition though. Also megalophallus could be considered an ‘over erect’ condition since the blood isn’t flowing in many cases.

I thought there were some studies that showed that priapism caused megaphallus in some cases. Not all, but some.

The real risk, however, is that several hours without good circulation causes fibrosis in the CCs. This can lead to permanent ED. That’s why the makers of Viagra et al. warn you to seek medical help if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

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I don’t think staying at 100% will create any growth. I think the idea of PE is to stetch the tissues past what they normally would be, and that would be over 100%.

If you could control the damage inside the penis, to have some sort of damage indicator,auto adjuster for erection…you would not need P E…

The bottom line is : I know a guy who fell from the 3’rd floor hit some branches in a tree and poof a instant boner from the impact…he stayed 6 days in a coma (with that erection, I assume that he was 70-80% or less otherwise the doctors would administrate something)…when he wakes up, his dick was bigger…

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
I thought there were some studies that showed that priapism caused megaphallus in some cases. Not all, but some.

If you do a search on priapism and megalophallus here you’ll come up with a few old threads regarding this very thing. I think being 100% erect by itself cannot cause growth, but combined with a lot of vigorous sex, can because of the inevitable bending, sucking, pulling, and pushing.

I think if one were adventurous enough, go for a long period of super marathon viagra/cialis induced fuckfest for 3.5 hours at a stretch (pun intended), rest for a few minutes to make sure the blood *can* drain and go at it again for another 3.5 hours.

And, yes, this is possible with two extremely horny people who are in decently good shape and enough legal pharmaceuticals.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

how about a vacuum pump or fleshlite marathon?

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Van Buren,

This was discussed in “pressure in the penis”, mbuc made a quick calculation showing that the blood pressure alone should be enough to work the tunica:



If the heart can get up to 120 mm Hg, and

Originally Posted by mbuc
The total axial force on a thin walled tube which causes the axial stress on the wall of the tube is simply the cross sectional area of the tube times the pressure.

Imagine an erect penis. The blood pressure alone is causing the elongation and circumferential expansion of the penis. Once the penis is engorged to its erect state the tough fibres of the tunica resist any further expansion.

For a penis of diameter 1.5” with an internal blood pressure of 2.3psi (120mm Hg mercury) then the axial force on the tunica (assuming it takes all the pressure) is 3.14x0.75x0.75x2.3 which equals roughly 4lb. This force must be great enough to fully extend the penis to its erect length.

From experience of hanging in a flaccid condition I can confirm that 4lb is ample to axially stress the penis to the point where the tough fibres of the tunica resist any further easy elongation!
/// end quote Mbuc

then the heart is able to get the axial force up to and beyond what is used in stretchers (recommended force 800~1500 grams if I recall correctly). So if you keep your hardon for twelve hours a day you’d have length gains??

Anybody have any idea as to if priapism leads to permanent enlargement?

/// end quote mgus

And this was then answered by ModestoMan that in some cases, yes.

regards, mgus

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I think some of the theory for edging states growth along these lines

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