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erect length longer than flaccid stretched?

That’s very rare. My BPFSL has always been longer than my BPEL. I tend to think that this difference may be more pronounced with growers, than show-ers; and even more with those who have a lot of girth.

As slezak said, my BPFSL is also a “pretty thin ribbon”; however, my BPEL is pretty thick (and I’m also a grower, not a show-er).

I am the same. My erection penis is longer than stretched flaccid penis..

I hope I can go against the theory.. Hehe

My EL is MUCH longer than my SEL. By almost an inch.

I’ve been thinking about this one lately since I stretched my penis, and it was about 0.75 shorter than the erect length.

One idea for the difference is that my glans grow quite a bit when they are erect.

And the other I have pretty thick girth, it is only about 3/4 to an inch off my erect length. Maybe this kind of ratio makes it harder to stretch out flaccid somehow.

What about the theory that a ‘shower’ is simply someone who walks around with a ‘semi’. That a ‘shower’ would only turtle in extreme
Distress, like if injured, under too much stress, or too much PE.

That ‘shower’ is a state a guy who is not a ‘shower’ goes through on the way from ‘turtle’ to ‘erection’.

Originally Posted by Maldonaldo
Didn’t BiB say he has a longer flaccid than erect?

:D LOL !
I wonder how that would look !

Why do you guys say that he is lucky because of that ? Because he has a huge flaccid penis, or are there any benefits of having a longer BPEL ?

April 2008 : BPEL = 13.6 cm NBPEL = 12.7 cm ( measured girth wrong I think, so I won´t put it up here before next time I measure)

May 2008 : BPEL = 14.2 cm NBPEL = 12.8 cm

June 2008 : BPEL = 14.7 cm NBEL = 13 cm MSEG = 10.9 cm

Same thing here. I don’t know if I should be disconcerted or glad.

Start: NBPEL 5.1 EG 5 (january 2009)

Current: NBPEL 5.75 EG 5.5

Goal: NBPEL 8.5 EG 6.5

The erect penis hasn’t the same shape than the flaccid stretched penis. Since the penis is more
like this: ( ) instead than this: l l

when it’s inflated the shaft tends to be shorter than when stretched. So, basing on how the one’ penis is more or less similar to an ellipse or a cilinder, the two measure gain differ more or less.

Other factors involved could be elasticity of ligs and glans etc..

Hope it’s clear, apoligize if it isn’t.

For the guys having longer erect penis than stretched flaccid, do you have long glans or low erection levels? If you measure flaccid SO but erect lower than 9 ‘o clock tat could be a factor. And also if the glans expands a lot. Otherwise I don´t get it.

Hm, perhaps it is that chemical that makes tunica more stretchable during erection that plays a part too? Maybe you have high levels of that chemical (forgot the name).

55 Israeli men, 21-78 years old:

BPEL (100% erection induced by drug injection) = 5.35” ——————— BPFSL = 4.92” * 0.43” BPEL bigger than BPFSL


BPEL - 8.25" - BPEL - 8.65" - BPEL - 9" - "SHANE DIESEL" or "JACK NAPIER"

MSEG - 6.35" - MSEG - 6.70" - MSEG - 7" -

My gut says that if you have BPEL longer than the BPFSL you have a biiger chance to gain lBPEL length, as soon as you increase your BPFSL>

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

I never measured BPFSL until after years of PE, but I wonder if it was always greater than my BPEL. Currently, my BPFSL is about 1” greater than my BPEL.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

Originally Posted by Baba_Booey

I never measured BPFSL until after years of PE, but I wonder if it was always greater than my BPEL. Currently, my BPFSL is about 1” greater than my BPEL.

Same for me.

Sounds very strange to me. Been doing some heavy streching to reach my goal in length before last year and my BPFSL is by now almost 1” longer than BPEL. That it could be the other way around sounds odd to me but perhaps possible of you do not have the inner corda holding your penis back.

Historical graph since start including all Measures and Goals -

Start 2008-09-01: 5,9" X 4,5", 2012-03-31: 7,3" X 5.4" - Goal 7,5" X 5,5"


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