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Erect Dilemma - Can't but Can Keep it up - Help!

Erect Dilemma - Can't but Can Keep it up - Help!

First of all I did a search, didn’t search hard but didn’t find much information on it but this is my problem.

I can crazy rock hard solid during foreplay no problem, but once I start to iniate sex my unit starts to deflate. And whenever my girlfriend and I ever change surfaces, like from couch to floor, blah to floor, it ALWAYS deflates and my sex drive goes with it. But before any of this happens I have no problem keeping it up. If we dont changes surfaces I can keep it rock hard.

A little background info I guess.

I fuck her all the time, like 3x/4x a day so that may be a problem?
I do my PE during these days (jelqs, DLDs, supra’s etc) and even when its a day off it still happens.

I think its a little bit psychological almost as if I’ve gotten into the habbit of reacting that way though. And I always find myself asking myself if its gonna stay up, or its always in the back of my mind.

My gf is understanding about it which is helping me tolerate and understand this is well but she also gets very turned off when this happens.

Can anyone share some insight? Thank you

Okay I am curious, you said you have an orgasm 3 to 4 times a day. Does this happen every instance or just at the end? Second question is; does this happen at the same frequency/interval as the days that you do not PE? And third, if you masturbate do you ever have this problem?

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Lets your penis rest for a day or two. Even God rested on the seventh day!
You’ll be fine.


Orgasms as in ejaculation, so every time we fuck and I ejaculate. And yes we fuck probably the same amount on days I PE but its usually before that we fuck, then I PE.

I never have this problem when I masturbate. Never have, never ever.

One more thing, sometimes I feel like I need to be constantly touched to sustain the erection.

Its hard to rest because I’m horny all the time. I can’t ever not be horny until I ejaculate or my dick deflates like that. And even then, 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes… I’m horny again.

Well it’s quite obvious to me that the problem lies in your low sex drive.

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>Well it’s quite obvious to me that the problem lies in your low sex drive.<

Exactly what I was thinking. If it really takes you 5 minutes to get horny again, maybe you should think about viagra. Its ok to take viagra at your age and you should really be re-horny 3 minutes, maybe 2 at the most after you ejaculate. Good job finding out the problem serp!

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I am not sure if I asked the right question; does this happen the first time you have sex with your girlfriend each day or is it constantly happening every time you have sex with her?

And I am curious now that it has been mentioned, what happens if heaven forbid you didn’t get any sex for a whole day? Has that happened since you hit puberty? :)

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Thanks but no thanks, this is actually a really serious problem for me.

Tom it happens at least once a day or once every two days.

And going without sex for a whole day doesn’t really make much of a difference, just the next day I’m hornier than the day before. And yes, it happened for 4 years since I hit puberty and that was hell.

I also sometimes get soft while I’m inside her for no reason, but that hasn’t happened really since I’ve been doing PE and girth increases I believe.

Is this a break from PE and sex? Sounds like you are working your dick too hard. Take more than a day break from PE, maybe 4 maybe a week. If things are better after the break you should consider toning down your routine.

Well i guess he might just over tire his PC muscle, for erectile dysfuction does occur occasionally after a great PE work out. Well you can try not to do PE for a week and see what the result it.

And your worry certainly doesn’t help much in keeping your flute toot.


Ry, you need to learn how to orgasm without ejaculating. All the strength and enegry is going out of your body if your coming that many times a day.

One site is by Jack Johnston do a search for “key sounds multiple orgasms”, another can probably be found under a search on this site for the ballooning (I think is was Doctor Lee or something).

Aside from that, I’m jealous that your getting that much action. You must be keeping that penis busy for 4 to 6 hours a day.


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