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Erect bending gains


Hey, thanks for the quick and reply and for answering all my questions :)

Surely erect bending will bring length gains as well as girth gains.When I do erect bending I also bend my penis to each side as well as forward and backwards.Also I hold the base of my penis with the other hand and stretch my penis over this hand which applies more force to the stretch.When I do the sideways bending in this way I feel a real stretch on the base of my penis so surely this will bring length gains.

11/02/07 BPEL 7.6" EG 5.2"

Goal NBPEL 8" EG 5.5"

I just want to say that I have gained a quarter of an inch in EG in 15 days with Erect bending.I’m loving this technique.


Would you mind describing your routine?

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Well my erect bending routine is pretty intense because I think from what I have read that most people only do erect bending for one day and then perhaps have a day or two off.I do erect bending for atleast 30mins a day but usually an hour and I do 5 days on and 3 days off.

I do all my erect bending seated.

I find it best done whilst watching porn for obvious reasons.Anyway when I’m erect I place 2 of my fingers from my inactive hand around the base of my penis and hold them solid there.Then I take my other hand and bend my penis towards the ground over the fingers on the inactive hand.Then I rest and do the same towards me(I push downwards a bit whilst doing it in this direction) then I bend my penis towards the left and then the right each time resting in between and making sure that I build my erection to its fullest state before doing the next direction.Also each time I make sure that I bend my penis over the fingers on the opposite hand for a great stretch.

I find it best to make sure all the forskin is pulled down before I start to bend so that the skin does’nt get stretched.I find that after my erect bending session that the area where the penis travels down near the testicles really aches and feels like it has been stretched as well as the penis it’s self.

I hope this is usefull information.

So you do all your bending at the same place near the base? Why not work the entire shaft?

I will eventually but I’m sure that this method will bring length gains so I’m just testing it for a few months.The reason why I think that it will bring length gains is because of the big ache that I have in the area where the penis runs down near the testicles.It seems like this method is really stretching out the inner penis and therefor I should see length gains.

11/02/07 BPEL 7.6" EG 5.2"

Goal NBPEL 8" EG 5.5"


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