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EQ "Quality Control" and Hello

EQ "Quality Control" and Hello

Ok ladies and gentlemen, I guess I have never cordially introduced myself. I am crazyd032 and I’ve been on and off this forum for a few years, and I can honestly say that I have learned more about PE these past couple weeks then I have these past couple years, why you may ask? Well because I have finally realized that one must read in order to acquire that which they desire. Yes through reading I have come to learn a great deal and I am devising a workout session that will include these items.
(I use rubber gloves to increase grip on glands because they slip, other suggestions I’ve seen are cloth, tissue paper, or paper towel. Anymore?)
Aided inverted v stretch
V stretch
Uli #3
Extreme Uli
Wet/Dry jelps
Stretches in all directions
BTC stretch/fowfer
Jai Stretch Johan is a believer now! JAI
Golf Weights Big Girtha’s routine for girth and flaccid hang
Therma wrap Big Girtha’s routine for girth and flaccid hang
Hanging, Tunica/Ligs
DLD Blasters DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains
A stretch
Asana (Indian style) use heels
BC/PC kegels (it is hard to isolate the BC but I think I’ve found it) Locating the bc muscle
And when I work on girth.
Clamp (extreme Uli, Uli #3, edging)
Plumped bend
Horse 440
Also thinking of using a coke can (filled) or baseball bat, 3-5 minutes or even a warm water bottle (all of which was suggested on Coke Can Stretch and Mem’s Momentous Rapid Gain Mechanism)

Also looking into ADS (already tried static stretcher), Pumping (I might use Supersizeit’s suggestion), and Hanging (thinking of Bib’s hanger recommended by B.G.)

As a side note I have tried and tried and tried and tried to get that wrap the static stretcher uses to remain secure and not slip, I believe that my head is too small and narrow for it to work because no matter how I do it, Argh!!

Regardless, I have all the videos provided by the site and have looked thoroughly through the supplement section

I use:
Carlson’s Fish Oil gels (2)
Action Lab’s Horny Goat Weed (2)
GNC Pygeum (2)
Centrum Performance/ or Rainbow Light Men’s One Multivitamin (1)
3000mg of L-Arginine of Nitruline (3)
Twinlab’s ZMA (3)

I plan on taking before and after pictures, and logging but I won’t provide that until I have made some progress.

Ok so I can stretch my flacid penis to 6.75-7 inches NBP but I only can achieve a 6.5 inch NBP erectionwhich I know isn’t a %100 erection because I can still bend it fairly easily in any direction. I have just started taking Nitruline (recommended by Mr. Happy NO2 or Ornithine) so I am hoping this solves the problem.
Horny Goat Weed has made me much hornier but has not increased EQ. I am stumped. I can only think that I may have an extremely weak pc/bc muscle for my gew merely dribbles out and doesn’t shoot out anything. I have morning wood but like %70 erection strength (a plump flacid). I am young (20) and I shouldn’t have these problems but alas I do. I just changed my diet hoping that this may be the cause What I eat daily. I am in college, money’s tight and this diet may seem cheap to a man with a full time job but this takes up a lot of my income. However, this is effecting my sex life, my life, and my future so I going to make it so I can afford it. I really am turning my life around guys reading Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill and a series of others if (Illusions, Richest Man in Babylon, The Greatest Salesman in the World, these ideas can completely blow your mind away) I am also subscribing to IBD (Investor’s Business Daily) and I am planning to major in Communications. I believe communication is the key to success in any walk of life, it can open doors that could never have existed without it. I’ve sold all of my junk and am living a very Spartan life style. I want to travel, to experience as much as humanily possible, to reflect, I am free at the moment and mobile. I do not have responsibilities that would tie me down (yet) and I hope not to get them until I have my shit together. This forum is extraordinary, incredible, having a bunch of guys discussing various topics and supporting each other through some of those gnawing problems we all seem to face. I hate being ignorant of world issues, of art (music, movies, etc), of business, and I am breaking old habits and starting fresh. If any of you guys know of any Investing sites that provide as much information about investing as this site does the penis I would be much obliged. Thank you again everyone!


Hey mate, I admire what you want to achieve in life.

But I think you should make some time for yourself to relax and smell the roses.

You know, stress can be an erection killer.

I have decided whatever I do I will move forward in life

I have never really thought about it that way, need to let off on the ideological and more on the just having a good time. I’m restarting but I have no intention of keeping things this intense for a long period of time, I seen what that does to people. Just got to get things together and take this time when I’m young and mobile to really define my character. I don’t want to end up like some of the people I have known, or even my parents… I hear many stories of what could have been done or what responsibilities people are tied down with and when you come down to it, its just a cloud of smoke. Fear & procrastionation are the number one destroyers of any man’s or woman’s quality of life. It’s like these people are kids in adult bodies, regardless of age, and they get defensive whenever you question their motives or reasons and only will change when it’s thrown smack dab in their face (and sometimes they won’t even do that). It’s a weak pull but I guess I think of people who are trully not happy as people stuck in Plato’s cave, I see the light and I am adjusting, its painful but necessary. Fun is the most important thing in a person’s life, when you first meet a gal you are interested in her hobbies, her likes and dislikes, what kind of friends she hangs out with, how does she react to certain ideas or your style of humor, how she looks and behaves, is she depressed or spacey, is she charming and warm, does she take care of herself (looks, smell). You even ask what kind of work she’s involved in to get an idea of what she thinks of her work and what motivated her to work there (hoping that she’s not bitter or that it takes up a lot of her time, also could be used to measure education). When we first meet people we like to look at whether our interest or how we find pleasure in this playground work together. I just want to broaden my interest so that I can relate to more people, it’s fun for me. I plan to get rich over the next decade and use that money to have experiences that could only dream of now and meet many intelligent people much like the guys on this board and the women who have the live life to its fullest without limitation ambitions. Yeah I’ve got the young mentality, the one that hasn’t been really beaten down by life, I am a fortunate guy and I plan to use this fortune and share it. WoW! I am babbling but regardless padawan your right, stress could be a factor and I plan on remedying it, thanks my friend :)


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