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Epoxy Resin (used in Penimaster repair) Is it Toxic?

Epoxy Resin (used in Penimaster repair) Is it Toxic?

I’ve repaired my Penimaster with epoxy resin but I’m unsure as to whether it’s dangerously toxic.

I found a website with information on epoxy resin and toxicity, but I’m unsure as to whether the epoxy I’m using is the bad kind, or if filing it down after it hardened might have rendered it more harmful…

…I had to file off sharp edges but the website says “Finished, hardened epoxy products are practically non-toxic unless they are cut, sanded, or burned”…

…does this mean cutting, sanding and burning of hardened epoxy might render it permanently harmful, or does it mean hardened epoxy is practically non-toxic unless when cut, sanded or burned?

Forum members with knowledge of this topic: some advice would be very very appreciated as I’m not sure that I should continue wearing the repaired Penimaster or whether I should bite the bullet and buy a new one.

I’m interested in everyone’s opinions— am I being an idiot for risking it?

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I am thinking the action of cutting, sanding or burning is what would cause the toxicity. Not the epoxy after you have finished doing the cutting, sanding, burning. Epoxy sawdust would probably be very fine and easily inhaled. And who knows what kind of crap it spits out when burnt.

We have some highly intelligent people here, maybe one of them will post and help calm your fears.

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I agree with T. Once you have finished cutting, sanding and burning, your finished product is safe. And for cutting, sanding and burning something as small as a penimaster repair, even that process would be pretty safe.

You would get into trouble and would have to wear protection if you were exposed to larger scale operations on a daily basis.

You’ll be fine with the epoxy once it’s hardened. It’s mostly the curing process that causes problems in folks who are or develop a sensitivity to it after years of using. If you have to file or sand, try not to inhale too much of the stuff. If the finish is rough, put a second coat on and let it self-level, should be glassy smooth after that.

I use alot of different epoxies, most of the danger is in the catalyst reaction that hardens it. After that, it’s cool.

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