PE is very important… but living with your parents is very comfortable. You don’t have to wash clean or cook.

Because I think hanging is so important and to overcome the privacy problem I experimented with lil12 ADS described in the tutorials section till I finally was able to do do something similar (because I don’t have the same materials available).

It feels good but I cannot wear it for more than 20 minutes before I have to take it off because I start to feel there’s not enough blood circulating to the head. When I wrap with less strength it slips off.
Anyway.. I’ll try using it for a total of 2-3 hours a day and measure four weeks from now to see the results.

To know how much tension I’m using I hang 5 lbs and looked how much the latex I use gets deformed (or stretched) then I try to get the same stretch without the weight and attach it to the belt with this tension. So wile I’m wearing the ADS it would be like hanging 5 lbs.

I hope you understand my lousy English.