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Enlargening when your not doing anything?

Enlargening when your not doing anything?

Hi guys,
Anyone here wear anything during the day that helps with growth? I was thinking of wrapping or wearing a cock ring but was not sure. Any suggestions welcome!


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Technically, you are not supposed to have a cock ring on for more than 20 minutes, but there are some jelly rings that are not very tight and it keeps your dick a little plump and I have gone with one for about 4 hour until it starts to get me sore. I don’t use the cock rings as often as I used to, maybe once or twice a week, the rest of the time I consider not using a ring as a dick rest.

What you’re referring to is known as an All Day Stretch or ADS for short.

There are many different types of ADS devices that vary greatly in cost. Do a search for ADS or browse about the forum and you’ll find plenty of different techniques and testimonials.

I’ve been considering using a ‘scrunchy’ ADS as proponed by one of the many prolific posters here (the name/post escapes me at the moment). It is one of the cheaper ADS devices, in the couple-of-dollars range.

Good luck,


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Sounds like your looking for an “all day expander”
It really needs to be determined by what your doing in your daily routine. If your a hanger then you would use one type of device. If your an clamper then another. If your a jelqer or manual stretcher then another.

Hangers should use an ADS like weights or tension apparatus after their workout to prevent loss of gains.
Clampers should or could use a mild cock ring or any form of traction device, although probably unnecessary.
If your a manual stretcher guy then you also could use a traction device such as Scunci’s or headbands.

What I found was that my sporadic schedule of hanging caused me to have erratic gains but with the addition of weights all day my gains became consistent regardless of intermittent hanging sessions.

This is all dependent on two factors: 1. your personal healing rate and 2. time duration between hanging or stretch sessions.

IF your sessions are close enough together and your very consistent then there is no need for an ADS but if you get long durations of more then 24 hours between sessions then you definitely need an ADS.

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