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Elongated African Necks

Elongated African Necks

I hope this will explain the elongated neck :

The part of the neck that stretches is the tissue BETWEEN the vertebra, not the vertebra themselves. At the start, the tissue in the intervertebral space might be about 1=2 cms. thick. In these ladies it will be more on the order of 5-9 cms thick.


So when comparing it to the penis, (as the penis obviously contains no vertebre) you mean the tissue stretches in the same fashion, right? How does the tissue (veins, ligaments,uretha, etc) of the penis stand alongside the tissue between vertebra, in the sense of composition? Do you then think that all-day stretchers like jes-extender are therefore the best road to travel?


That’s an interesting explanation and it may be accurate to a certain degree. However, these “neck phenomena” have been examined and like said in another thread, it’s the collar bones that are actually pushed down and more neck is exposed. One medical wonder is how these women can actually function with the amount of compression that occurs in the upper thorax. Lungs are fuckin’ crunched by this practice, but they live on apparently healthy. I don’t recall what the functional percentage of lung tissue was, but it was very small. Unbelievable, but well documented. If one looks hard enough on the internet it might be possible to find and x-ray or scan of these folks. groa

Great link

I buy it. But I have heard that it is very dangerous for them to take off the rings. It says the muscles bounce back up, but the ribs are formed and pressed down.

Gives a whole new meaning to deep throat :chuckle:


Big J’s explanation of the elongated necks, along with the x-rays is pretty convincing stuff. It looks like I have been guilty of misleading everyone in the idea of stretching intervertebral spaces. Mea Culpa.

To get back to stretching soft tissues and elastic tissues such as the penis, lips, earlobes, i.e. anything without bone, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that such stretching can and does occur.

To anwer the question about using a longtime extender and its effectiveness- of course it would work, as long as there is tension aka stretch.

I don't think you mislead, Boxcar.

What you say may well be true to a certain extent, mainly the extreme cases. The link above says exposure with no bone displacement. I’ve seen diagrams and descriptions of autopsies which clearly show skeletal displacement as well as organ compression. At some point, the neck tissues may actually stretch a bit…shit, they would almost have to once the apparatus “bottoms out”. Key words on any of this stuff being long term and consistancy. I have wondered if the dick is so stubborn to respond to the dynamic nature of it’s tissue. Earlobes, lips, even the chinese footwrapping deals with areas of the body that can be stretched or deformed in a without much tendecy to “bounce back” If you’ve ever seen the lips of tribal folks who remove the “puck”, that lip just dangles…same with the earlobes. Cock, on the other hand, tends to change states so much that one never really knows in what state it’s likely to heal if there is a critical time. Sore cock healing in a big, floopy flaccid state seems more conducive to getting girth than a sore cock in a small, cold, snow-shoveling state. At least as far as the tunica is concerned. Or maybe not? groa

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