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Electronics and PE

Electronics and PE

I thought I’d give my 2 cents on something I was pondering today. I remember reading an article some time ago about a microprocessor controlled bra. As the subject/breasts experienced vertical motion (as a result of running or bouncing in some way!), the bra compensated by increasing the tension, thereby giving more support to the breasts.

The tension aspect got me thinking. Could electronics be employed in PE devices? Perhaps an ADS that provided constant tension despite the changing angles of day to day movements. The more popular ADS devices of recent times seem to be reliant on gravity. What about us desk-job workers? On a bigger scale, perhaps a stretching device that permits a constant dial-in tension. Does this sound like a waste of time?

Just thought I’d put it out there. Hope it hasn’t been thrashed in the past! Can anyone think of other applications? I tried to think of ideas for hanger fixation but came up with nothing. That aspect probably needs to be solved by mechanical means!

>Perhaps an ADS that provided constant tension despite the changing angles of day to day movements<

There is a mechanical way to do that.

There are already electronic pumps.

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like an ads with a dial or something to adjust the tension automatically without taking off the ads and readjusting it manually. Sounds interesting

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It can be done using a retractable key-chain.

Here’s a link to an example that can pull up to 1lb (this is the first one I found— it’s just an example)…s-rt-33s-14.htm

The most interesting thing about the first of the three channel 4 penis documentaries was the equipment the surgeon gave to his client after the lengthening surgery.

The ADS he gave him worked on the same principle as the above key-chain— I’m not sure if it was actually an adapted key-chain but it definitely used the same principle.

As long as the chain is extended at least a little way there should always be the same amount of force applied.

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A few years ago I bought one of those electronic ab workout machines. It was before they came out with the belts so you had to stick 8 little pads to your stomach. It actually worked pretty well but was too tingly to wear so I didn’t use much. However, I have recently started to use it as part of my PE routine. I attach one of the pads to my PC muscle and sit back to watch television whilst getting the most powerful kegel session. I have definately noticed much firmer erections since.


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