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Electrolysis to remove shaft hair

Electrolysis to remove shaft hair

I was wondering if anyone has considered buying one of those home electrolysis hair removers to get rid of unsightly shaft and sac hair? I am naturally very NON-hairy with the exception of my junk. So I was just wondering if there are any risks associated with hooking electrical equipment onto my sac/cock hair?


I don’t know about the home units. I do know that electrolysis is risky.

When you get it done professionally they stick a needle into the hair follicle & zap it with an electrical current to kill the hair.
If its not done correctly it can cause pits in your skin.

Sometimes the first zapping doesn’t kill the hair & it has to be repeated.

I would not recommend it. Theres always a chance of mistakes.


Thank you, DW, for pointing that out! I had seriously considered anteing up the money for some shafthair electro, but I just can’t accept the possibility of the mistakes. There are quite a number of hairs that would have to be done, so that just increases the odds on having some pits. Forget it.

It kind of bums me, but nowhere near what it would to have a crater penis.

Thanks, hon!

hair of the dog


I think shaft hair has it’s place (no pun intended) during sex. I’m not really interested in getting too into this, however it may not be all bad.


Too bad dude

Cause that comment just *made* me wanna joke about it.

What on EARTH could you possibly want shaft hair for? I know mine is higher on the shaft because of circumcision. That pulls it upwards somewhat.

I always just saw it as a nuisance when wearing a condom (hair caught - snag! OWWW!). And I wonder if it tickles girl’s noses when imbibing the kielbasa? I think it would be annoying!

OK duuuuuuuuuuuuude


I’m thinking that we be having a little communication breakdown.

I believe I am speaking about shaft stubble and you be taking hair like a little longer than stubble.

Now I got it.

I agree hair isn’t a good thing

But IMO stubble works. And if you don’t believe me ask a chick that’s been stubbified.


“a stubblily guy”


Ok I give up! What are the advantages of being “stubbified” as you put it???

My pubic area and rectum are smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I use a razor then use epil stop and spray to keep the stubble off. I must say, girls like it more if you are shaved.

but shocking your dick to remove hair? Dude, its called a razor.

It's still not big enough!

K, Longwood, tell me what you do. Do you shave then use epilstop a few times, then shave again later?

Are there any risks with using chemical hair remover on the nuts? I don’t want to cause any long term sterility. I also am fearful of using a razor on any area that I can’t see without the aide of a mirror. Plus a nasty shaft gash could cause a weeks rest from PE. And ingrown hairs would be another downside to a razor. Thanks for all your input and info!

A razer is fine. I just use epil if I don’t have enough time to use a razer. And as far as I know, spraying a liquid on your nut sack won’t make you go sterile. Sometimes it causes a lil bit of irritation if you spray too much but other than that you’ll get the same feeling from the spray as you do the razer.

Epil is expensive and the only time I use it is to get rid of the stubble after you have already used a razer.

Say I shave with a razer, when the stubble pops up, I then spray to maintain it.

It's still not big enough!

Chemical Hair Removers

Be very careful if you use chemical hair removers.
Being a woman I have tried everything except electrolysis which I know better than to do that.

I quit using chemical hair removers long ago because they always left my skin chemically burned.
This type of burn is a lot like getting burned with fire.
It leaves the skin in about the same condition.

The way chemical hair removers work is they actually melt the hair away by chemically breaking it down.
If you have very fine hair you might have success in using it.
My hair is a little tougher & in order for it to work I have to leave it on longer.
What this does to the hair it will also do to your skin if left on to long.
As a result I always burn my skin & it hurts & its not worth it to me.

Longwood seems to have good results with it though.

The only option you have besides shaving & the other already mentioned methods is to wax.

Its gonna hurt though but not for long & it grows back a whole lot slower. Like it will take a couple of months to grow back & the hair that grows back is a much softer finer hair than if you shave.

If you try the chemical hair remover test a small patch of skin & see what your up against first.
Thats the only smart way to go about it

Good luck!

I can’t believe I am replying ……I must have lost my mind.

A remark about waxing from my own experience. I started waxing when I started PE. I don’t use any commercial product. Just some sugar, lemon juice and fire to make my own wax. I fail in about 50% of the times. I try to make a paste you can hold in your hand instead of a liquid stuff to spread and use cloth to remove. A paste is a lot cleaner. I am still in testing phase.

Anyhow now the good stuff. My first experience was a painful stuff. First you spread the paste on the hair and pull………Oooooooooooooooooouch! It’s soooooooooo painful for one reason the hair is so skin deep. Sometimes blood comes out in places where hair is pulled. It’s not dangerous cause bleeding stop immediately. I don’t have problem with ingrown hair yet, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Though I have a hard spot on my shaft, but don’t think it’s an ingrown hair. Let me add I removed my armpit hair; it’s not as painful as hair down below. I removed the hair from the whole area in several sessions and always had problem with bleeding and pain. Forget about what Nads says that waxing is not painful, it’s just crap to sell the product. The whole bush is gone…..after more than a month I see some hair growing back, it’s time for house cleaning again. It looks like the hair growing back is much less than it was before; it’s due to the fact that not all hair grow at the same pace. If I leave the bush will reclaim its territory.

After all this talk, is waxing worth the time and pain? you bet it is. The way the penis feels after removing the hair: baby soft skin. It’s like shaving off 10 years. I never tried shaving. I don’t dare to put the razor close to my penis; too risky for me. But comparing to shaving my face, waxing is much better, but that does not mean I am going to wax my face…I ‘ll stick with shaving. And I don’t want to fry my nuts with some chemical X. If it can melt hair, just imagine what it can do to skin……



Using my limited experience as a guide, I’ve gotten positive feedback when in a stubbized mode. It could just be my ever increasing size that is creating the intensity of these encounters.

However it is my sense that it is the whisker effect that is adding to the action as well. I do also like the clean shaven look but figured I’d play the other side on this topic to round out the thread.

I only have two beta testers but I’ll get some more informative feedback and let you know what the word is.

Waxing my pubes what’s it going to be next nail polish and perms.

I’m kidding of course, I love getting in touch with my feminine side. As a matter of fact just this week I …oh never mind.


Whenever I do even a little trimming of pubic hair (near the base, not even the shaft!), women complain of irritation.

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