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Electric Heating Pad for Warm Up...

Electric Heating Pad for Warm Up...

Hey all,

Ive been looking into a new method for warming up and heard some guys use an electric heating pad that can be purchased at any drug store.

Main reason this interested me is that the pad, unlike the standard hot/wet towel method will stay warm and can be done w/out having to worry about cleaning up any water and therefore the warm-up can be done outside the bathroom.

Anyways, seems like a good idea but I figured Id run it by the experts and see what you guys thought before purchasing an electric heating pad. Would also be interested in knowing if anyone has Incorporated this in there routine.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to Thunder’s, mr_rw.

Heating pads work very well, especially when combined with a damp cloth - moist heat being more effective than dry heat. The only thing better I’ve found is a soak in a hot bath, but that isn’t always an option.

Thanks hobby,

How exactly do you combine the two?

Maybe hot wrap till it cools and then continue w/heating pad?

Thanks for the reply,


I think he would have the damp cloth between his penis and the heating pad. That’s what I would do.

I use it as MDC wrote. BTW, the washcloth doesn’t need to be dripping wet, just damp. Wring it out well.

To keep the cloth warm between heating sessions I fold the pad in half and put the cloth in the middle. This saves time, as I don’t have to wait several minutes for it to reheat.

I see….

So just to clarify. Wrap the penis with a warm damp cloth and then wrap w/ the heating pad as an additional layer to keep the heat?

When done keep the cloth wrapped in the fold of the heating pad for additional use later in the session.

Thanks in advance as this sounds like a cool, and fairly innovative, time saver


Well, I once used moist heat to heal a stress fracture. But that was as a kid.

Is no one concerned about the moisture and the heating pad? I mean, how do you insulate the pad from the moisture and the possibility of ZAP?

Yep, you got it mr_rw.

Buster, the washcloth is damp, not dripping, so it isn’t really much different than a sweaty body part. Still, I occasionally pull the pad out of its cover to make sure there aren’t any splits or cracks. The instructions say it’s ok for moist heat.

If you’re worried about getting shocked, plug your pad into a GFI protected outlet. The outlets cost about $5 and aren’t difficult to install. Or you could probably fit one of the new super-size ziplock bags over the pad (under the cover). I’ll take my chances. :)


I intially had the same concerns about mixing an electric pad w/ moisture.

Im just gonna do a little extra research before I buy but I have also heard the pads are safe for moist heat.


There is a pad that is NOT Electric that my parents have and you fill it with water and microwave it and it is moist heat.

What about a hot water bottle like in the old days when you got ill?

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Hi Teaser,

Ive considered the microwavable options and didnt really lean towards them because of the inevitable “what are you microwaving the for?” questions.

Plus the electric pad is always going to stay warm and you dont have to worry about reheating the bottle or water filled pad.


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