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Bump this thread, as it is a highly interesting topic.

Could one possibility be to hang a lighter weight, then progressively heavier weights in one session - as opposed to starting at a higher load and decreasing load?

i have been using this technique, the stress relaxation factor and would attribute that to my increase in flaccid length.

I used to always have me penis in a constant Kegel, which i believe always led me to be in a retracted state. Since focussing on the relax factor, i have improved my flaccid to a constant 4-4.5 inches even when held up in tight briefs.

I use this method when i am hanging and can honestly feel a greater pull when i fully relax, it makes sense, however it takes practice.

When applied to the art of PE, I believe it to bea great asset in not only making gains, but cementing them through the constant tension theory.

So is all of this in a way deforming our units?

Actually we’re conforming: everybody ends up at either 8x6 or 9x7.


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