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Elastic cells vs. rigid cells

Elastic cells vs. rigid cells

We all question ourselves why some have easy gains and some haven’t. It could be several factors, e.g. exercises, force, duration etc. A big part is also related to genetics (hard ligs, high LOT etc.). My thought about the genetic part is that the elasticity of the cells plays a role as well. Some start with rigid cells (=hard gainers) while others are gifted with elastic cells (=easy gainers). I also though of how to measure this and the best would be to get a sample of cells to test their reaction to stress but I don’t think that too many would volunteer. But how about the relation EBPL and FBPL? If you start with EBPL=FBPL you would have rigid cells and if EBPL<FBPL you would have elastic cells, the bigger the difference, the more elastic cells and more easy gains. I remember DLD mentioning that as he grew, the two measurements would get closer and closer. So what if EBPL=FBPL? Well, the obvious answer would be to “soften up” the cells by doing some special exercises, e.g. pan squeezes.



On the other hand, going by definition, I’d say easy gainers have more plasticity in their tissue. Think about FSL. An elastic penis would stretch to the max. & get back to where it was after stretching, while a plastic penis would retain some of the deformation after stretching! Now ain’t that cool. Never expected that structural mechanics/physics would be applied to penis - bending moment, modulus of elasticity, stress, etc…

Then, low gainers might have very high modulus of elas. to begine with, opposite for high gainers. Stretching should reduce the modulus, to make it possible for more strain(change in length/ unit length)!!

So lets call it PM (penis modulus, better names welcome)
PM = Stress (jelq/stretch) / strain

Inference -
DLD, YGuy & other gurus of PE seem to have very low PM!!

Going back to the point about plasticity, plastic deformation occurs after the stress exceeds the “Elastic limit”. So we gotta find out what the elastic limit is for penis material! Beyond this point, deformation will be plastic (read as permanent)!


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