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EL issue, I'm stuck

EL issue, I'm stuck

Dear all,

I need your help : I encouter a plateus phase with no EL progress. I gained since April 00 about 3 cms (1,18”), good EG too. Today I measured about 6,5” EL NON pressed bone with regular erection. When I do my PE excercice I’m 17 cms EL (6,7 cms). When I stretch my flaccid penis I reach this lenght but I need to stretch hard my penis to reach it.

I want to achieve this permanent EL or 7” (my target).

What do you recommend me guys? I’m stuck!! Can you help??



You need to tell us what exercises you are doing. Read the above “dicovery” post for some tips on jelqing. If you are not progressing you need to increase intensity.

I red your post : I’m really surprised to see you gained 2” in only 2 months, I’m impressed. He took me over 1 yr to get 1”. So what is wrong?
My PE routine is :
- 5 / 6 days a week, for about 30 mn, early in the morning.
- I hot an hot wrap (glove dipped in hot water) about 5 mn or more (during time shaving)
- I do few bends R/L
- I jelq as follows : standing up. I use lube. I do a grip w/ my right hand at the base of my shaft. I use my left hand for jelquing ex.
I do it palm up or down. My fingers in fact squeeze either L/R sides or up/down sides of my penis. I do these exercices during 30 mn roughly. Sometimes I jeld w/o grip but same way.
THis am I tried to apply more pressure. I work out with a 70/80%.

I tried your jelquing session sitting on knees. I like this method even I’m tired. What I done I kept one knee and one feet on ground as I do during sex.


It took me 6 months. I hope I didn’t say 2 months.

Everyone’s going to vary and actually 1” in a year is not bad.

I found that I got better results when I jelqed as close to erect as possible (but not rock hard obviously). Just hard enough so that I really have to squeeze hard. During the summer months, I was dripping with sweat after 20 mins. What you want to see is that your penis is quite a bit larger than the erect size when you’re done. I can’t always acheive this, but with the thorough hot wrap and jelquing close to erect I usually hit the sweet spot. I mean when you look in the mirror afterwards the size should surprise you. If you can do this consistently your gains will continue.

PS I jelq somewhat slow. Remember that your objective is to increase pressure. I use both hands and usually start the second stroke before the first is totally done the idea being that I can keep most of the blood from escaping. Also, I sometimes flex my PC for the last 5 minutes of the workout during the stroke. Increases the intensity quite a bit but is very tiring.

Happy New Year….

I understand your comments thank you! even I wake up late (2pm) today I decided to do my PE ex. I done today about 400 jelqs, slow motion. I worked between hard to 80% erect. I used only one hand for jelquing with a grip/squeeze or not. When I don’t use a grip I apply my free hand /fingers as a reverse V to my pubis and I feel I strecth my penis. In that way I was this pm at 6,7 in EL, but it is not permananent gain. Of course when I stop my PE ex. my penis is heavy, stretched and hanged.
Can you tell me if I’m doing right?
Can you tell me if the squeeze/grip allows to increase gain or only to trap blood?
Also, when I stetch my penis flaccid at 6,7 in L does it mean I should be able to get same when EL? What is your opinion?
The 2 hands ex isn’t suitable for me, is a disconfort.
Thank you for your help


Using one hand for jelquing and the other to squeeze at the base is probably good, will trap more blood. Also I believe doing it close to erect is better (but don’t do it rock hard - you may hurt yourself and it won’t do much anyway IMO). Lately I have been trying to concentrate the force on the sides of the penis since that is where the chambers are and most of the nerves run on the top of the penis so it may not be good to apply huge forces there.

I think the main thing is to be aware of how your penis feels while/after exercises and tweak your routine to improve it. For me small changes made a big difference. For yourself, those changes may be different than my technique.

As far as stretched, it seems like my rock hard erect length is slightly longer than my stretched length but this may be due to the fact that the skin at the base gets pulled out when stretching it so the measuring device cannot be placed as close to the body. I wouldn’t get hung up on it.

Also, I don’t believe you can really say something is or is not working (except for the “feel” as I said above) until after 2 months so resolve yourself to stick with it for 2 months.

Good Luck


Nice to see ya here, Siberia!

Peace to all


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