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Ejaculating During Workout?

Ejaculating During Workout?

I have read alot of opinions about masterbating/sex/ejaculating before or after a workout and frankly, to me the opinions are split in half. So for the past few days I have tried this routine:

10 minutes warm wrap
5 hours JES Extender with 5 minute break every hour
Edge for 30-40 minutes then ejaculate
DLD Blaster routine :
100 kegels X2 seconds toward chest
20 second kegel hold
50 kegels and reverse kegels toward floor X5 secs each.
1 minute reverse kegel hold.
300 wet Jelqs in shower
10 minutes warm wrap

The next day after, my dick has been plumped up. Sore, a dull sore but plump. I wonder, after ejaculating it feels that my penis is literally weakened and strained. Maybe by doing this it forces my johnson to recover from an exhausted state of stress along with the exercises, kinda like the old track coach making you run the 400m then bust ass on the 110 hurdles. So am I breaking it down more by finishing it with the rest of my routine? Or am I flogging the dolphin with a wooden mallet and throwing him back in his tank.

First of all, a 10 minute warmup sort of guilds the lily. Takes only a couple of minutes to heat a cock through, no matter how big it is, flaccid.

A lot of us feel sort of tired after we ejaculate sometimes. Maybe save that for when you finish your routine is my suggestion.

Do you end every PE session with a hard-on, or no? It’s a good test as to whether you might have overdone some portion of your routine.



No Not every session Avocet8. Some weeks I dont ejaculate for a week, just this week been fricking horny and wondered if it would help for somereason. I think I do it like this for another week, then report back if I have over done it too much.

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