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Eh so I just got circumcized.


Originally Posted by Ike
Xerp, I’m just wondering how they do it these days.. How much of the frenulum did they leave intact?

Everyone does it differently, I askmed my doctor and he said he was goingn to do full.

Edit: actually idunno, can’t relaly tell cause the stitches are still there.

I’m thinking it’s like any flesh wound (that requires stitches regarding healing time), follow the doctor’s orders before doing a normal routine of sex and whatnot, let it heal properly, after that do whatever you want.

I’ve been cut all my life, but during my early 20’s I had one gf @ that time and we humped like bunnies, it got to the point where I had raw spots on the shaft and it was like road rash, that we were going at it so much. I even did her with gauze bandages wrapped around my penis. Eventually my penis healed, no discolorations or any other adverse effects regarding sensitivity loss.

You have my sympathy :-) I was c’d at age 5, i.e., about 50 years ago, and still remember the pain. Nevertheless, I’m glad it was done. I’ll never know which way is more sensitive, but I don’t think I could handle any more sensitivity :-) And I prefer the look.

Xerp, pay no attention to the naysayers. I got circumcised later in life; still get rock hard at 4X your age as well as getting much head. Most non-religious circumcision was the decision of the mother.

How much did you pay for it?


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