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Effects of smoking


I’m on my third day of being smoke free, and I’m doing fine. For all of the smokers out there you should really try Zyban. I have no cravings, it made quiting easy.

Dude I have been smoke free for a whole week now and loving it. I see my erections getting harder already! Whenever I start to crave, I drop down and do as many push ups as I can. It works.

I smoked for 25 years and finally layed them down in January! Immeadiate benifits were way better circulation and better sleep! Trust me when I say toss them in the trash can! Please

Originally Posted by Majortom75
WARNING Tobacco use can make you impotent.
Cigarettes may cause sexual impotence due to decreased blood flow to the penis. This can prevent you from having an erection.

So females don’t smoke that brand of cigarettes or what?

Whatcha want man watcha need,

Comes to you no stems and seeds.

I am in my second week of trying to give up,I am hoping for harder erections from quitting.

" I want Drilla's." she said. " So I will grow one just like it for you, my dear." I said!


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