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Effective PEing With No Time


Effective PEing With No Time

HELP guys.

I am stuck at 7.5” BP x 5.25” midshaft and cannot make gains. I want 8.5 BP x 6” midshaft. Ill do whatever it takes.

Squeezes with a cock ring seem to help. But what is the MOST effective routine to perform in 20 minutes or so per day.


What would be my best bet? 5 minutes intense stretching then 10 minutes intense jelqing following by 5 minutes intense squeezing?

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:

If 20 minutes is all that you are able to devote to PE, then the routine that you have suggested for yourself sounds reasonable!

Why don’t you try it out for a while, and see what you can derive from it!

You have covered both the length and girth aspects in your routine.

But, what about warming up and cooling down?

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!

Forgot about them, do they make a difference?

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:

A massive difference. Might be worth getting yourself a heating pad, something you can place over your penis for 5 minnutes before starting and after finishing. Check out the unique heat thingumy url I just copied of biggers site (again). Seems like a good way of heating when you’ve got no time or tie on a rice sack.

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I think you should also be doing stretches throughout the day, even if it’s only for a few seconds when you go to the restroom.

Memento, why do you say a “massive difference”? I’ve not done a warm up/down for many many moons, and am still gaining. What am I missing?

Alex, what is your LOT?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by RB

Memento, why do you say a “massive difference”? I've not done a warm up/down for many many moons, and am still gaining. What am I missing?

My obsession with warmups has kinda died down also. I remember that when I did them the most, my gains weren’t noticeably better than at any other time. I think they help by loosening things up, making the tunica more supple, etc. But I would never say “massive difference.” I’ve also made some good gains without doing a warmup for weeks at a time.

But I still think warm wraps are a good idea if you have the time. But if time is an issue, then don’t worry about not doing the wraps - concentrate on the workout itself.

Okay guys.

RB, I get a pull back affect starting at 9:00. 6-9:00 I really dont get a pull back at all when I am stretched and kegeling.

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:

I am just thinking about doing some intense stretching (upward because lot is 9-12:00 right?) and intense squeezing with a cock ring. My glans are far too underdeveloped too.

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:


If you’re using LOT, you’d want to be stretching down if you’re 9:00 or higher.

Exactly. If you LOT is truly 9, you need to concentrate on downward stretching to lengthen your ligs an allow more of your shaft to be pulled away from the body.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Actually, just tested it. When I am stretched at 6:00, and kegel, no pull back at all. When I am at 9:00 and kegel, nothing. Starting at 11:00 I get a pull back. And 12:00 pull back.

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:

Do you have your clock backwards? 6 is towards the feet and 12 is towards your chin… If your clock is not backward, hit the downward stretches.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

My clock isnt backwards. I dont know anything about this LOT stuff RB, I am just telling you what I know. I get NO pull back when I kegel (when dick is stretched) until around 11:00, and then get a strong pull back at 12:00. When dick is pulled up against belly button.

I should be focusing on downward stretches? Completely opposite the pull back?

Wanna.Be.Hung :cool:

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