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"Edging", priapisms, and megalophallus

Eh, let’s try to stay away from anything that has to do with needles, guys.

Originally Posted by remek

IF BG can get enough sickle cell amenia for multiple people, then maybe he can distribute it and we can run an experiment. I could set up a program to track the gains/deaths on my site… Or we could post them here, and if you stop posting then we know it didn’t work.


I agree. Needles are a bad thing.

If you stretch it, it will grow. If you clamp it, she will know.

I’d say that the closest you can get to priapism is through clamping for several hours, but with breaks of course. I did that for a few days after Christmas, with more than four hours clamp time on one of those days, and my girth was up 1/2”.

Currently, I’m clamping for 1-2 hours per day, and expect to do so through the end of the month.

Originally Posted by MDC
I’d say that the closest you can get to priapism is through clamping for several hours, but with breaks of course.

I’d have to agree with you, MDC. Keep us posted on your results.

Needles? Get with the times!

You guys should consider using DMSO. It’s OTC at just about every herb shop or community pharmacy. It’s a liquid solvent that absorbs most organic compounds and, when you apply the concoction you made to your skin, transfers the medication directly through your skin to whatever area you want. It concentrates in that area, but will eventually, EVENTUALLY, spread throughout your bloodstream. Therefore, premaking a solution and applying small amounts regularly every 15 minutes or so is the way to go to really force some attention on a specific area.

Some people use it when making their own custom treatments for various conditions. I know of one person who had Rosacea (that skin condition that makes your face look constantly red). All he did was open up a few capsules of antibiotic into a cup with about 10ml of DMSO, swished it around a bit for absorption, and applied it to his face for a couple weeks. End of the infection.

Keep in mind that it’s got sulfur AND methane in it (!!) so it smells REALLY REALLY BAD. But it’s sold all over the place and is proven safe to use.

Arthritis patients buy the stuff and use straight out of the bottle onto their wrists because the DMSO alone has a numbing affect to the area you apply it to.

I’ve been considering getting some L-Arginine and absorbing it into a bit of DMSO and slathering it around my dick while I sleep or something.


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Oh, and if you want to explore the route of time-released localized application, consider getting some Shaolin White Clay.

That stuff will (ok, I haven’t tried it yet, so OUGHT TO) absorb the solution you made and become a kind of paste which you can spread around your dick. Your girlfriend probably has some of it in her make up. You can get the stuff off the internet in bulk cheap as hell.

Originally Posted by Mad Hatter
Needles? Get with the times!

You guys should consider using DMSO.

You mean to absorb a strain of sickle cell?

WHOA there cowboy! I’m just the stranger on your shoulder. I may suggest to you that A would be better attempted if using method B, but moi a labrat? Ha.

(continues laughing)

…well, I might try the L-Arginine + DMSO thing because it is one of the most common non-essential amino acids. But I still don’t really want to be the first one to find out that, yes, DMSO goes through arthritis patient’s wrists like a soft ethereal pillow, oh, but it also sets dicks on fire :eek:

You are all fucking insane!! :p

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Sickle Cell Anemia is BAD. If you want priapisms, just inject your dick with a big dose of Caverject (SP??). You should be sporting boners so long you will have to go to the hospital for an adrenalin shot. Do this for like 6 months straight and who knows. ( I dont endorse this idea, but it sounds healthier than injecting yourself with Sickle Cell Anemia Blood).

Yohimbine HCL or liquid extract works good for hours of involuntary boners too. But it has side affects that get people “agitated”. Taken with a muscle relaxant you might be in business though.

I don’t endorse injecting anything anywhere, or taking any kind of supplement causing involuntary erections that last days on end.

I’m trying to find out how priapisms allow for painless enlargement that is permanent and specifically, how that state can be achieved within the constraints of, say, a 30 min workout.

I imagine the priapistic (sp?) state being for PE’ers what the target heart rate zone is for runners; a short window of time within a workout where the body is being subjected to a workload that produces maximum results.

Thanks Para.


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