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ED, PE and partridge in a pear tree

ED, PE and partridge in a pear tree

I got a question for people who are battling ED, and PE, and have a regular sex life:

I’ve been digesting this ginkgo Bilbao thing and it’s great for my ED. I mean I get the occasional ups and downs (yes the pun was intended) but generally I am way better then I use to be. I do however need to rest for most of the day after having sex. I like my sex rough, but I don’t beat my dick to death. I tried to PE but quite frankly the extra strain on the unit isn’t doing any wonders for me.

So I need some advice here. How do I continue PE, have a regular sex life, and not make my ED any worse? Anyone have any practical tips for a fellow in need?

Beyond that, how you all doing? ;)

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Thatcat: If you do PE right, it should help your ED overtime, not worsen it.

That said, for one reason or another, the normal newbie routine is too intense for some guys. If the regular jelqs and stretches is too much for you, then cut it back a little bit.

You could try some light pumping, which has helped many guys cure their ED (including avocet8, who is a great guy to go to for advice on the subject). You could also try a very light newbie routine, such as this one: NEW newbie + advanced routine.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Adequate stress reduction methodologies would seem to perhaps be the most prudent notion of other options. The concept is superior stress management yielding better overall performance in several areas including ED, etc….

Some people even swear by alternative therapies such as TCM, acupuncture, yoga, martial arts, lifting, walking…

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

What is ED ?

What’s shakin’ thatcat? Chilly chillin’ down her in FLA.

My advice would be to keep hammering the pink hard and heavy ;) to cut masturbation down to zilch, to emphasize kegels, to keep the acid producing foods to a minimum (coffee, nightshades, red meat), add in some good quality oils (flax or fish oil), and to do a taste of exercise- cardio especially. If you got down with these, I bet you’d get golden quick.

Remember when you made an offer to do a workout buddy thing with me, but then we never got to it? If you want to do a buddy system thing in November I’m down and have the time now. Answer me here and if you’re into it we’ll do a progress thread.

Just getting together and pushing each other to do some light cardio 4x a week would probably help a BUNCH. Anyway, fire back if you want to give it a try.


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