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Easy to over-do it

Easy to over-do it

Hey all, been a member on Thunders for quite sometime, I’ve been on and off PE, mostly for medical reasons (Skin related). Over the years I had seen encouraging short term gains, but once I saw those gains, I became more excited and worked harder and longer on my routines. I think this always backfired on me because I would over do it, my fuller erections were no longer as full, and I’d have to give it a break for a number of days, in one case almost a month. Now that I’ve resolved my skin condition, I’m back on the PE with a vengeance, and I noticed the same result. Great intial gains in the first 2 weeks, I stepped up my routine and it seems my results have done a 180 again. I wish I knew that magic moment where I worked hard enough to stimulate growth, but now so hard that my dick atrophies.

I do manual stretches 10-12 minutes in the morning, and about 10 minutes in the evening. I also jel-q in the evening, I immediately stop once I notice it stops feeling pumped and it starts feeling uncomfortable. I know the newbie routine suggests 5 minutes of stretching, I think I’ll need to cut down to this for a while, my mind tells me that 5 minutes won’t stimulate growth though. I think I will lower my jelq session once I notice my dixk feels tired but not uncomfortable. It’s tough to find that magic spot though. With weight lifting, it’s easy to know, but PE takes a whole other level of awareness.

Anyone care to share similar experieinces, and if so, when did you start feeling your workouts were successful and not overdoing it?

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Why did you increae intensity when what you were doing was working?

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