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Easy , Time-Conscious 5-Month Girth Plan :

Easy , Time-Conscious 5-Month Girth Plan :

I want to achieve 1/2 inch EG in five months.

Please help me construct a solid girth routine for five months !!

I’ve got five months that I have available and put aside to achieve my PE goals.

Mind you, I WANT permanent results !!

After pouring through a lot of threads, I have come to the following conclusions;

The combination of PUMPING and Jelq/Erect Squeezes seems to be the bread and butter of Girth Exercises.

Furthermore, clamping, uli and rings are all secondary and also beneficial.

So far I have …


10 minutes of clamping and using the power jelqing
10 minuts of pumping.

Repeat for night.

What would be a good plan and EASY TO FOLLOW weekly routine to work on girth and for a person who doesn’t have much time to devote to PE ?

This sounds like a hostage situation.

Hehe, I guess you can say that, since I would be holding myself hostage.


What makes you want to achieve your goal in only 5 months?
What would happen if you miss your goal?
Would it be more efficient to work a bit more long-term orientated also to avoid
a) injury
b) disappointment

I wish you all the best,


I think/hope it’s gainable.

I say do jelqs for a little bit longer…but then again you are doing them day and night…

Maybe add some ballooning/edging in there? I think that works really well, and do kegels during the day.

A newbie has returned for a second attempt.

Goals to be posted soon.

Haha gprent.

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