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Ear Taping

Ear Taping

I have been wondering lately if technques and methods from the old practice of dog ear training can be useful to PE. They seem to use products like moleskin, skin glue, and skin tape. The techniques they have developed have been used for quite some time. Maybe they know something we don’t.

For instance perhaps something could be used as a semi-permanent pre-wrap for hanging. The various adhesives used seem to stay attached for aroud 7 days.…ear_pattern.htm

A bit of info:

As long as there are Collies, there will always be ear problems. The majority of Collie ears if left on their own, will go prick (straight up in the air). The Collie ear is an enigma….that of being 3/4’s erect, with the upper 1/4 part tipping over. Historically, there was a reason for this particular type of ear. There is no better ear for hearing that exists in the canine world, than that of the tulip-tipped ear with a cupped base. This was especially important in the Collie’s early sheep herding days, when it was extremely important to listen for predators or lost stock. Unfortunately ear problems even 100 years later, continue to be a source of frustration for most Collie owners. Most breeders have a preferred method of training the ears, depending on their experience and the family of dogs they are working with. Miraculously there are still some lines noted for a wonderful natural ear. They may not be exactly on top of the head as alert as desired for the showring, but they can easily be trained.

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