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Dry or Wet Jelq for length?

Dry or Wet Jelq for length?


If someone were doing a jelq only routine, would you advise wet jelqing or dry jelqing for optimal length gains?


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From what I have read, I would say either, it’s what you feel comfortable with. Just jelq with 40% - 60% erection to benefit length, and higher erection for girth.



It will depend a great deal on what you are most comfortable with and can get the best grip with. Lots has been discussed here on that very subject, do a search using a key term as wet/dry jelq. Hopefully you can discover what the others have said on the subject. But when it comes down to the nitty gritty it is what is comfortable for you. What works for one, may not work for another.

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Hi there L,

I agree with the previous posts. I’ve tried both and for me either way is OK. It’s depend on the way you do the jelqin and the difference is the wet jelq is messy and the dry jelq is simple. Try both and feel the effect, you must finds out which one is good for you. You can’t like it before you try it. Than give some comment. Seeya, take care:)

Thank you all very much for the replies.

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Wet would be more optimal, the less degree of erection the more it hits the length factor, the more erect the more it hits girth.

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