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Dry Jelqs

Dry Jelqs

Because of the resent events with my wife (if you don’t know what I am talking about please read my “Wifey wants me to quit” thread. Caution it is long, XLM posted in it :D ) I have been trying to find ways to better stealthify (I’ll never get that one past the spell checker) my PE efforts. One of the ways I was thinking of is to start dry jelqing. This is something I have done on occasion but I usually wet jelq in the shower in the morning. I figure dry jelqing is easier and quicker to get done because of the no clean up feature (does it sound like I am buying a used car?), so it would be easier to do undetected.

ANYWAY, I gave dry jelqing a try today, and MAN! Why have I not been doing these all along. When I wet jelq I usually have to stop every 75 or so and stimulate to get blood going again (even if I kegel). I just did about 200 or so dry jelqs and my little man was begging for more. It was amazing. It was so pumped up and full I couldn’t believe it. It was truly amazing. I don’t think I will ever go back to wet jelqing again.

I wonder why it was so much easier to keep filled during dry jelqs than it was during wet jelqs. Anyone?

I know the dry jelq vs. wet jelq debate has been going on since the dawn of PE, but I for one am a firm believer in the effectiveness of dry jelqing. Just FYI, I am cut, but I have a lot of extra skin. What I do is 25 strokes regular OK grip with the right hand then switch and do 25 strokes of reverse OK grip with the left. I do this rotation however long I feel like it apparently. Also, I am sitting down when I do them, so this is completely a 180 from what I was doing in the past. Incredible.


I usually do dry jelqs for privacy. I think they are just as effective.

For me apparently they are more effective. Thanks for the opinion seyz.

Basically the biggest reason I posted this was to maybe get some guys who haven’t had a lot of success with a technique to maybe switch it up a bit. I don’t advocate changing just to change. However, if a certain exercise isn’t working for you for a while, and you don’t feel good about it, there is no reason you shouldn’t switch things up a bit. What the worst that can happen? The new exercise doesn’t work either. The best case is that it could change the way you approach PE and get you “unstuck”. I know this tiny little revelation I had is going to help me in a big way (in more ways than one). Good luck to you all.


Yes, the dry jelqs are cool but I really pay for them in the skin department, I must have the most bitchy skin around. This is probably due to a lot of scrotal skin being drafted into action as shaft skin. I’m glad they are working for you.

Dry jelqs stretch the skin at the same time I do them all the time, the only time I wet jelq is in the shower.

I think dry jelqs are more effective than wet jelqs. :)

Dry jelqs are better for me, also give me a nice flaccid (5.5-6”).

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Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
Yes, the dry jelqs are cool but I really pay for them in the skin department,

Try using baby powder when you dry jelq, this really helps with the friction.

I notice when even I do an exercise for a while then I change up, the new one seems much more intense. Dry jelq for a few months then go back to wet and you’ll think, damn this wet jelq is intense, why did I ever quite doing this.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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