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Dry Jelq-New for Me


Originally Posted by SlackJawedYokel
I agree. I couldnt get a full erection for 2 weeks after overdoing dry jelqs! :cry:

How comes when I damaged myself and gave myself a few thrombosed veins my erection got harder than normal? Why must I be backwards in everything I do?

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

You would think so… but getting too erect seemed to have damaged me even more and stopped me from healing.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

Originally Posted by Vincent Van Cock
I will say this guys. I do not believe dry jelqing is for newbies. It is way to intense. I think newbies should wet jelq for at least three months before moving on.


I would agree with this. I havent been PEing for 2 months yet, and I have tried to dry jelq a few times, but just don’t get it!
I am cut, so it’s a little harder for me. However- I am actualy noticing as the weeks go by that my cock skin is getting a little more stretchable, which no doubt will be even more flexible in a couple of months.

Also after reading all these posts I still don’t fucking get it. It is just different for me. Im not to sure on the exact technique used, and am definately not sure what signs/feeling is supposed to be present while performing them.

I have not looked at that downloadable video yet, would that help?
Also, before you guys say “yeah stick to the wet jelqing”, I have every intention of doing that; It’s just frustrating hearing about all these people who dry jelq so easily and effectively, and I can’t seem to get the technique down pat. Frustrating!


I am circumcised and have no problem performing dry jelqs, at any erection level want. I don’t think dry jelq should be left out generally in the early stages of PE, as with everything it’s a different situation from person to person. My skin seems to take it easily. I do wet jelq though, 50% dry 50% wet, starting with dry. D_sut, watch the video, and then just try to get a good feel for yourself at erection levels from like 30% to 70%. What I do “check” is if there is a good pump coming on, grabbing the glands with the free hand and applying a little pressure with 2 fingers, then performing the dry jelq. If I can feel the blood rushing in and the glands filling up and the feeling is painless, it should be good. From there on you can try out things like adjusting pressure, stroke length (as in time used and length used on the penis).

Originally Posted by PEst
How comes when I damaged myself and gave myself a few thrombosed veins my erection got harder than normal? Why must I be backwards in everything I do?

Many people have noted increases after stopping for a while. It may have been that you were over training and then experienced stronger erections after you stopped. Or maybe your conditioned tissues softened up after not being exposed to stress regularly resulting in more room for expansion. I wish you a speedy recovery in any case.

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