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dry heat


It won’t do anything to you. Trust me.

If you engage in that kinda heating during your sessions, you should be fine. I never had any problems, never got my nuts fried and I still shoot like a racehorse, and piss, too, but all I can say is check it out and if you feel like it’s not for you, stop using it.

I had good and great success with it. Just don’t put the lamp too close to your dick.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Actually, there was a thread about infrared lights some time ago in which it was mentioned that it was NOT good for your nuts, with regards to procreation. Remember, production of sperm is very heat sensitive, which is why they are located in a sac that can hang loose in the breeze or get pulled up against the body for heat.

The suggestion was to have your briefs hitched up over the balls, since the infrared doesn’t really penetrate textile.


If you get a little electric heater, that should do the same thing as a wet towel or whatever you use to heat your unit up. I do my routine with the heater always on so the heat is constantly on my unit.


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