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I am relatively new to PE. After 2 weeks of hand jelquing, I have now used the drumstick technique.

Quite frankly, it is quite a workout

Although I saw some notes of people stating it was difficult, I thought it was quite interesting. Compared to the video’s you find on the power-jelq site, I find that this exercise gives about the same result as the pulling power is a lot easier using the sticks.

If anybody has anything to offer, please do.

Wood or plastic?


just curious if you’re using the plastic pipe…sooo much more pleasant then the wood dowel.

also have you had any experience of overdoing it? guys in this forum pretty much chewed my ass when i introduced and raved about the drumsticks, like they were hearing loud snapping sounds from everyone’s dick’s popping off. i wondered if my dick was just that much stronger, or whether perhaps i could trust people to respect their own enough to pay attention and use common sense (tall order, granted)

seriously: sticks/pipes allow you to apply a tremendous amount of pressure. possible uglies (all temporary) include burst caps in head (red spots), bruises, vein bulge (thrombosis; thanks thunder: take an aspirin a day and it goes away) - i’d love to hear more experience from a newbie. send a private msg if you want to.

i’ve found the biggest danger is getting aroused and carried away; the blood that should be in your brain goes to your dick instead, with the usual lapses in perception.

I have indeed been using the wooden sticks up to now. No padding.

Started when almost flacid. It is true that with the amount of pull the penis gets quickly engulfed with blood and I do have to take a rest from time to time because I cannot continue at full erection.

By the way, my erect measurements at this moment are 15 cm in lenght and 13 cm in girth. My goal is 17 cm/15 cm. Hope to get there in a couple of months ???!!!

I have now also experimented with plastic sticks, without using lubricant and found this to be working to. Obviously, this gives me more opportunity for workouts.

So far I have not had any of the problems that is referred to but will continue to take care not to overdo it.


A question please!

Being new to PE and all I am curious if this method produces a wider but not necessarily a thicker penis? This is not a criticism as I intend to try it myself and am curious. Thank you in advance for your replies.

Never argue with an idiot...they drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.

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