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Drinking and PE...

Drinking and PE...

I’ve been drinking a lot more often (and heavily too) lately in college and such, and now I’m wondering if my near-excessive alcoholic consumption has any negative setbacks or effects it can cause…with regards to PE gains.

Yes I’ve already done a search for the topic and didn’t find any relevant threads. The general opinion seems to be that smoking can harm/limit gains..and I’m questioning whether or not alcoholic consumption can affect it as well.

So what do you guys think?

I mean last week, I got wasted every other day…and loved it.

But if this type of leisure activity does not mix well wiith PE, I’ll obviously have to limit and cut back on it I guess, though that’s going to be quite the fucking sacrifice..if you ask me. :(

you're going to hurt yourself

Just don’t get the hankering to do PE while you’re loaded. You’re likely to rip, tear, fold, spindle or otherwise fuck something up.

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I just graduated from college and I too was/am a pretty heavy social drinking. I’ve been doing PE for a little bit over a year now, and have managed to gain about 1.5” ELBP and about .7” girth. I think maybe I could of gained more if I ate better/drank less, but I can’t let PE run my life. I was in college having the time of my life =)

getting bigger...


The question is have you made any gains while PE’ing and drinking heavily at the same time? Personally, I think you need to keep your body as healthy as possible to maximize gains. When you’re young you may be able to get away with a little bit more abuse of your body. But ultimately it will all catch up to you.

You probably already know the answer to your own question. It’s all a matter of priorities.


It’s hard to jelq and drink at the same time, the glass gets all full of lube and it’s very slippery


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Drinking heavily will have a negative effect on many aspects of your life.

*takes off the priest uniform*

You’re fine. Just don’t do it while you’re loaded.

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peforeal: The only gains I’ve had are in girth, which was half an inch in a little over 6 months. No length gains at all, cause up until the LOT theory came up, I was only doing stretches that hit the ligs, and I have a friggin 6:00 LOT so all those hours I wasted with stretching exercises ended up being CROCK SHIT quite frankly. Now that I’ve switched to exercises geared towards the tunica, I seem to have been getting a little more length in stretched flaccid length, but nothing concrete yet.

At any rate, some of you seem to have misunderstood me.

I wasn’t talking about PEing WHILE drunk/in the middle of drinking.

I’ve never done any exercises while also drunk/under the influence.. or what I like to call EUI (enlarging under the influence),

I always am clean and sober with my mind sharp on my goals during my PE exercises, free of alcohol.

What I was talking about above was the fact that I was drinking in GENERAL..and if that would cause negative feedback for gains.

See usually I PE during the morning/early afternoon..and then if/when I drink it’s not till much later at night.

On the other hand, you guys have actually put some ideas in my head now.

What if, while drunk or maybe even stoned (well I do not like weed at all so guess this won’t be for me), you could stretch a little longer or with more intensity since you feel kinda numb down there? I know that during sex, it feels pretty numb after getting drunk, so why not the same for PE?
Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing if you could actually get faster gains if you got yourself retarded/wrecked prior to starting your PEing exercises?


Hey, I can dream goddammit……..can’t I?

How about putting alittle coke on it to boot. You might have to have it re-attatched but maybe they will let you order a new one….

Aside from the fact that being drunk all the time will limit the amount of quality work you can do with your penis, alcohol hinders erections which probably will make your gains harder. I’d try and cut back if I were you.

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Sorry Gandolf! Actually you’re so right, but I am too weak…

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

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