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Drilla Checking In..


Drilla Checking In..

Hi folks, been a while hasn’t it? :)

Well life has thrown it all at me in the space of a few months - I’m typing this from the comfort of my Dad’s PC chair as we have had to move in to my folk’s place due to our rental being struck by rising damp and subsequent mould issues (not nice). We have decided to save towards a deposit for our own place - don’t know how we’re going to manage it but we’re here for the forseeable future to save save save.

In keeping with that idea, I’m now working full time on a year long contract with Pfizer, whilst juggling the art career and doing a Physics degree all at the same time. As you can imagine, time is of the essence for me right now, so regular visits to Thunder’s are few, especially as I get next to NO privacy here!! :(

On top of all that, the news is that I’m to become a father! :eek: After 10 years of solid me+her time together, wifey and I discussed the idea of starting a family. Only tentatively you understand, not TRYING for a baby, just not pulling out. :D Anyway to cut a long story short I got 3 months good shagtime in (was hoping for at least a year) and now she’s 15 weeks gone, baby due 1st June. Needless to say I’m petrified but excited in equal measure.

So with all this going on, there’s been little time for PE, even though I’ve been unofficially retired for a while now (gains have stayed you’ll be glad to hear). I am dabbling with a bit of water pumping on the sly, but that’s another story.. ;)

I’ll check in again before Christmas if I can and once we get settled in a home of our own maybe I can get back into the swing of things PE-wise (who am I kidding with a babby on the way??). Hope all is well with you guys, apologies to ThunderSS for being AWOL for so long..

Take care folks! :wave:


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Your plate is full.

Glad to hear from you, man.

You are one of the giants of P E in the truest sense of the Word.

Congrats on the baby on the way and Best Wishes at Christmas

Great to hear from you, Drilla. And Congrats on the baby! Life as you knew it will never be the same, but it will be good!

:_pump: :donatecar

Hi Drilla! Best wishes for your job and baby. Yeah I can imagine time is a restraint for you. There more important things than enlarging our penis (…uhm…really? Nahhh). Come here from time time, when you can, for a beer and some chatter, though. :)

Merry Christmas and congrats on future Fatherhood Drilla. We know you’ll be back to full modding duties when the kid is all grown up! :D

Good to hear from you. :) :) :)

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Sooooo. Have you decided whether you’re going to teach Drilla Junior about PE? ;)

Oh and hope everything goes well for you since you’re such a nice guy!

Congratulations on your future offspring and glad to hear the girth gains are still there. :)

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Originally Posted by Audacia
Sooooo. Have you decided whether you’re going to teach Drilla Junior about PE? ;)

Oh and hope everything goes well for you since you’re such a nice guy!

you know i think that’s an idea for a new thread!!

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PE for babies! Probably have to start them off with really low pressure and not too much weight, or short sessions of light jelqing and stretching with some ADS for good measure. For the father who really cares!

Congrats Drilla, and good luck to you!

Hey bro, wow it’s sounds like you have a lot on your plate, congratulations on the upcoming baby. It’s a good thing you got out of the mold with the baby coming and all. Well best wishes my friend and try to check in and keep us in the loop so we don’t worry about you.

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Congrats bro, I am very happy for you!

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Woha, serious life changes eh?!

Well…have a good one bruvah. (:

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

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