Dr. Stubbs interview.

I’m posting this mostly because it is funny that a guy with the last name “Stubbs” learned penis enlargement surgery from a guy named “Long”. But it is an interesting article..

Long teaches Stubbs to do penis enlargement

Dr. Robert Stubbs is on the cutting edge of genital cosmetic surgery. From his Yorkville-based practice he has become known as the penis enlargement go-to guy and men have come from all over the world for his penis lengthening procedures.

Q Who are your patients?

DR. STUBBS Well, for the penis lengthening I think the average age is 37 .. So these aren’t teenagers whose first sexual experience was negative and they rushed off to get something like their hairstyle changed or get purple streaks.. These are individuals who are mature.. I had a priest come in [who] wanted a bigger penis.. He coached the men’s hockey team and he undressed with the men. He’d never had intercourse. He was heterosexual in his dreams but he had an issue with the small size of his penis.. It was small but you know again, what does a priest do with his penis?

Q How many many inches can you add on?

DR. STUBBS Six centimetres [two inches] is the max I’ve ever got, but most men come in at around 3.5 cm.

Full article..

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